X-Men: Misfits (The Manga)

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So I was browsing the isles at TCAF & what do I find but an X-Men Manga! I was completely thrilled, I don’t really read much manga anymore, it is an addictive habit, but I still got a soft spot for it. I had to talk to the creators, Raina Telgemeier and Dave Roman, who are the cutest cartooning couple I’ve met. They both wrote X- Men: Misfits and they got a manga artist overseas Anzu to do the art. I kept thinking about it and had to pick up. I thought “if nothing else it will be a laugh”, the writing duo agreed with my attitude. Apparently there a lot of X-Men purists out there that would not stand for the idea.

Unlike most mangas the story within spans nearly a year and it is passed out pretty well. The narrative follows Kitty Pryde, a young teen who keeps falling though ceilings during nightmares, that is until a silver-haired man, Mr. Lehnsherr offers her a scholarship at a boarding school where she can manage her “quirks”. What Kitty does not know is that she will be only female resident of this school, or that she will be adopted by the hellfire club – a group of students with special privileges condoned by Magneto himself. The volume contains many of the X-Men that we are familiar with as well as a couple of the students who go on to be members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

The story and are are done as per traditional manga style while staying true to the X-Men story. The focus of the book is Kitty Pryde who is learning about her mutant abilities while crushing on boys (with manga it is mostly about the boys). I am really glad they chose Kitty for the female lead because she is a lot of fun and Anzu can get away with drawing cat ears on her when she is being cute and childish. Like I mentioned before the pacing of the story is really well done the volume covers a whole school semester which is pretty decent for a manga (some of the longer series will have the events of a couple days for one volume). In all it was a fresh funny take to a story that has been told time and time again. I sincerely hope that they get a bigger following and get to publish the sequel.

you can see Raina’s stuff here
you can find Dave’s stuff here

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