UysFaber Art Contest

UysFaber, a rad Toronto publisher of print and webcomics, is looking for a new comic artist – and it could be you!
Totem Sacred, a modern supernatural-horror comic available in comic stores across Toronto, is starting a new storyline, and it needs an illustrator. Everyone who enters will receive two new character profiles, and then a chance to go nuts and submit their own designs for each. Once all of the submissions are in, UysFaber readers will vote on which design they like the most. The artist behind the winning design gets a to work on a 12-page Totem Sacred issue for the new storyline!

Kayla Goldleaf, as illustrated by Andy Belanger, artist of Kill Shakespeare

But there’s something in it for you even if you don’t win! UysFaber is paying for every character design submitted: $15 for a pencil drawing, $20 for an inked/grayscale piece, and $25 for work that is coloured.

For more information, you can check out the UysFaber website, or you can go ahead and e-mail your information and portfolio directly to

Good luck!

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