Report on: Canadian Toycon March 18th, 2013

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Canadian Toycon is one of the GTA’s fastest growing local conventions.  They are mounting five shows this year, and have made great efforts recently to attract a very diverse range of fandom. The smaller size of these one-day conventions can be a welcome respite to the overwhelming nature of larger multi-day cons that typically dominate convention season.

For a detailed report on the last Canadian Toycon, held in January, click here.

Begun primarily as a show for vendors to sell collectible and vintage toys, they have steadily added artists, comics, cosplay, gaming, scifi, horror, and wrestling into the mix over the past year or so.

This is the second Toycon to be held at the new venue of the Royal Botanical Gardens.  The January event at this venue was quite spacious compared to the previous banquet hall space.  With a special dinosaur exhibit and much more vendors added (including an upstairs section), things were much more crowded this time.

The positive part of having the dinosaur exhibition on at the same time was that it served as an extra attraction for attendees of the Toycon, and also brought an enormous attendance of families with children to the event.


One drawback however was that the large atrium used for the costume contest last time was occupied by lizard presentations tying in with the dinosaur exhibit.  They ended up improvising, by crowding onto and below the stairwell leading up to the second floor vendors. Dr Stevil once again hosted the costume contest, and he was joined by celebrity guest judges Casper Van Dien of Starship Troopers and Tarzan fame, The Human Centipede’s Ashlynn Yennie, and cosplayer Zombie Bit Me.

The toy collectors are always well serviced at this event, with the growing number of dealers providing a large selection of collectibles,toys and action figures.  There was a terrific selection of vintage toys in particular, with a great deal of Star Wars and Transformers items on hand.  80’s focused toy-shows might draw larger more dedicated crowds, but diversity can also make a huge difference when attending with friends and family.  Dealers specializing in die cast cars, wrestling/sports memorabilia, dolls and plush toys adds to the variety of both the sellers and attendees.

One aspect of the Toycon that is often overlooked is the locally produced toy product for sale and on display.

Vintage toy collector sites, The Mego Museum and Plaid Stallions have been a mainstay at the con for the past year.   The free promotional trading cards given away at their booth have become quite collectible in recent years (although according to their fine print, “only jerks sell these on ebay”).

Their respective mascots have also made the transition to Toy-form with the first run of 100 Brick Mantooth Man-Dolls and Super Collector Action Figures selling out in the first week of release.  They are now back and stock, along with the newly released publications, Megozine that featuring the first look at the never before seen Lou Ferrigno Hulk prototype action figure from the 70’s, and the Rack Toys book, that takes a close look at vintage novelty toylines featuring everything from Monsters to Superheroes, to Scifi Properties and Cartoon characters.

Heroes Force, creators of the first Canadian Soldier Action Figure line, is also a regular vendor.   It’s notable that $1 from each figure sold is donated to the Soldier On Funds to help out the families of injured and fallen soldiers.

Also on sale was a limited edition of ten Ashlynne Yennie action figures, produced for the show.

The event also boasted a larger artist alley, and included Marvel X-Factor artist Leonard Kirk, and  MonsterMatt Patterson.

Door prizes as always a part of Toycon, with Hasbro contributing to the raffle prize, but did not show up as an exhibitor as announced.

Another welcome addition is a fuller snack-bar and lunch room/dining hall.

The next Burlington Toycon will be held on June 2nd, and is a return to a collectible toy driven event.


For more GTA events like this, check the the TdotComics calendar which is in the process of being filled with tons of cool events in 2013.

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