Toronto After Dark Film Festival – Most Anticipated Films

New York Comic Con wrapped up on Sunday and it is increasingly cold outside, convention season is over. However, there are tons of events going on in the city which aren’t that comic-y but are super awesome anyway. This winter we will be able to share what we love about nerd culture–not just comics but film, video games and music. We’ll explore the mediums to find sci-fi, horror, romance and all the things we love. This week we have a great opportunity to dive into something new and amazing together in Toronto: the Toronto After Dark Film Festival.

The Toronto After Dark Film Festival, or TAD as it is commonly known, will bring us new horror, sci-fi, action and cult feature film selections screening at the Toronto Underground Cinema during the festival’s 6th annual event from October 20-27, 2011. Being in its sixth year, the festival has grown quite a bit and they are proud to be showing some of these films for the first time ever. TAD has a great selection, and you should check their schedule for a complete list. I am going to take this opportunity to outline some of the films I am looking forward to in this festival:


Redline – Saturday, Oct 22 2011, 4.15pm.

A Japanese animated film that has been 7 years in the making. It’s a Speed Racer-esque story about a race across worlds and a bold hero facing insurmountable odds. The intro voice-over on the trailer killed me with laughter. After that I got a look at the animation style that just blew me away, reminiscent of The Animatrix and Aeon Flux. I really like how the trailer does little to give away specific plot points, but focuses on the action and gets me revved up for the screening. TAD hosts the Toronto Premiere of Redline, and I am not going to miss this opportunity to see it!

Exit Humanity – Friday, Oct 21 2011, 7.00pm

A zombie apocalypse set right after the American Civil War creates an interesting mesh of concepts: a period piece and a zombie flick. With a great cast and high production value I can say nothing more then this is an intriguing concept that I would love to see. **Filmmakers & Select Cast Members including Dee Wallace in attendance for Q&A.

Manborg – Tuesday, Oct 25 2011, 9.45pm

I am not quite sure if this is going to be a bad-good film or just a bad-bad film, but I’m hoping for the former. The armies of Hell have taken over Earth, and the only thing that stands between them and what little humanity is left is a dead soldier turned badass cyborg: Manborg! This film is a throwback to the classic action horror films of the ’80s and its cheesy effects has me feeling like this is quality B-movie material. **Filmmakers in attendance for Q&A

Shorts After Dark – Saturday, Oct 22 2011, 1.30pm

If you can only make it out to one screening, check out Shorts After Dark, this is like a mini festival in itself.  Nine shorts from around the world make up the programming this year, I am not going to go through them all but there are details and brief synopsis on the TAD website.

VS – Wednesday, Oct 26 2011, 9.45pm

Last, but so very far from the least, is VS. The concept is like Kick-Ass meets Saw. It is clear from watching the trailer that this isn’t your typical anything. There is a group of four misfit superheroes who find themselves in an abandoned town and the villain Rickshaw has brought them all together to play his game: there are 100+ booby-trapped civilians. The team has to save the civilians and themselves from all forms of unknown danger. They can’t leave, they can’t call for help and they are utterly powerless to Rickshaw’s game. VS is having its world premiere at the After Dark Film Festival, and I am pleased to announce that TdotComics will be co-presenting the screening! **Director Jason Trost will be in attendance for Q&A

There are many more films screening at the festival, and we highly recommend you check out the schedule and pick what you want to see before the tickets are sold out. This list is what looks good to me at this point; I might see more films, and there will be reviews once we’ve seen them. We at TdotComics are all excited to be part of this awesome festival and to see some amazing, cult, action, sci-fi & horror films. See you at the theatre!

- Alice Quinn

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