Thoughts, theories as told by dinosaurs

If dinosaurs could talk, we can only hope they are as confident and awesome as T-Rex.  The almost daily web comic Dinosaur Comics, written and illustrated by Ryan North, includes some of the most interesting conversations that have never popped into my head.

T-Rex and his pals Dromiceiomimus and Utahraptor, along with the casual guest appearances from God and Satan, answer some of life’s most important questions.  As ridiculous as some of the topics are, it’s hard not to give credit where credit is due.

When God asks T-Rex what he would change, he responds with the ability to raise one eyebrow.  That alone is a ridiculous subject for a six-panel comic strip, but it’s T-Rex’s explanation to why that gives the strip its punch line.  I can imagine T-Rex on a stage performing this bit for a captive, giggle-fit driven audience.

The interactions between God and T-Rex are hilarious.  That T-Rex is aware that he’s talking to an omnipotent being that created all that is and will be makes it all the better because T-Rex follows every command to the point where he boast to Dromiceiomimus of him and God building an aging machine, which is exactly as it sounds – a life-destroying machine.

T-Rex is at times self-centred, rude, sexist, narcissistic, sarcastic, insightful, clever, funny and condescending, among other things, but that is what makes him awesome.  The fact that the main character in this comic strip is a flawed being makes him relatable and relevant.  If you think about it, there is at least one strip in this collection that will remind you of somebody you know or T-Rex will steal the words right out of your head.

After reading the newest collection of Dinosaur Comics: Dudes already know about chickens, I will admit that the same six panels with different words can become a little stale if you’re reading more than 200 pages in one sitting, but if the need arises to have a quick chuckle or to have your thoughts provoked, leaving your fingers rushing to the internet in order to research properly on one of T-Rex’s many theories These strips are amazing.

Dinosaur Comics is exactly what I want to read in a web comic, it’s funny, clever, simple, and it has anthropomorphic dinosaurs!

The comic appears on the quantz website, updated during the week with new adventures and innuendo from the talking reptiles in Dinosaur Comics.

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