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Spoiled Beef: The Walking Dead 4×4 “Indifference”

There are two kinds of people left in the undead world: those who have adapted to its vicious and unforgiving landscape, and those who were lucky enough to get by on the actions of others. In Season Four, Episode Four, “Indifference,” two groups of able-bodied members of The Prison put themselves on the line to provide for those who can’t. For them, the danger of getting chowed down on is no less tangible, but it’s become a secondary concern compared to the real issue: themselves.


Spoiled Beef: The Walking Dead 4×1 “30 Days Without an Accident”

Today, my chores included doing the laundry, cleaning my room and getting a lunch ready for work tomorrow (turkey avocado in case you’re wondering.) Chores for the inhabitants of the prison include teaching little girls how to handle knives, surviving a deadly run to the supermarket and clearing out infestations of hungry dead.


Trailer Trash Podcast Episode Three

On this episode of Trailer Trash, Blake and Chris have salon quality hair, discover the true ‘Bigger Jaws’ and drool over the greatest teaser ever. Anchorman 2  The Walking Dead [...]


Confessions of a Wannabe Gamer: The Horror and Shame of… Too Many Games

We all love gaming and collecting the games we like. But what happens when a gaming collection turns into an episode of ‘Hoarders’?


Spoiled Beef: The Walking Dead S3EP8 “Made to Suffer”

In this intense and awesome mid-season finale, everyone gets in on the action, resulting in some positively gripping firefighting. We meet with a much sought- after character from the comics after a long wait. And, most importantly, we start to see the cracks in a character I could swear was as cracked as he was going to get.


Spoiled Beef: The Walking Dead S3EP7 “When the Dead Come Knocking”

In writing about the series for seven weeks straight, I’ve been challenging myself to ensure that the thoughts I’m expressing are the same thoughts I’d have had if I were writing this into my journal ,for no one but myself to read. So for this week’s episode, “When the Dead Come Knocking,” I was left with the feeling that things could have gone a lot worse. I was surprised at the show, not for what it did, but for what it didn’t do.


TADFF 2012 – [Rec]3 Génesis

by: Martin Kessler

[Rec]3Génesis (2012) – Paco Plaza We Ate The Children Last, the short that preceded [Rec]3 had pretty amazing production values but not much else. What was much more fun was [...]


10 Hallowe’en Costume Ideas for Every Nerd-Girl

Hallowe’en is every good nerd-girl’s favourite holiday. It’s the perfect excuse to cosplay without a con, and – even better! – no one is going to look at you weird [...]


The Pointing and Clicking of The Walking Dead

Before I jump in to this review, there are two things I need establish off the top. One: the first time I ever played a game involving morality choices was [...]