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Report On: GTA Comic Con

The Burlington Toy Show couldn’t keep their summer events in Burlington as there were no more venues with the capacity to host them. So over a year ago they began [...]


Trailer Trash Podcast Episode Three

On this episode of Trailer Trash, Blake and Chris have salon quality hair, discover the true ‘Bigger Jaws’ and drool over the greatest teaser ever. Anchorman 2  The Walking Dead [...]


Cosplay Picnic and Food Drive with the X-Men

Anime North is just around the corner, and many cosplayers are preparing their elaborate costumes. However, a few weeks early (on April 20th) the X-men of Toronto held a cosplay Picnic in Toronto’s High Park for some fun and photography. All costumers were welcome, although because of mutant rights activism, most of the attending crowd were Marvel characters.


Trailer Trash Podcast Episode One

Welcome to Trailer Trash! The podcast where Blake Glasbergen and Chris D’Alessandro lament, worship, drool over and indeed trash the latest movie trailers!


Wrapping up AvX

A look into the end of Avengers vs. X-Men and how it may affect the Marvel Universe as well as some pros and cons of Marvel’s latest big cross-over event.


Carried away with the X-men

There are hundreds of back-issues of X-Men material, and the range of quality is tremendous. Since they became popular in the 90s, it seems like everybody has a favorite era. [...]


Fan Expo 2012 kicks off

Fan Expo 2012 begins Thursday, August 23 and goes until Sunday, August 26. Consisting of panels, discussions, movies, autograph sessions and celebrity Q&As, not to mention the vendors and exclusive items only available to the convention.


Growing and Learning with Wolverine

Wolverine and Kid Omega’s battle of wits proves to be enjoyable, but dragged out longer than necessary.


The Road to Avengers Vs X-Men

Ten years ago, the X-Men and Avengers had a crossover. Earth’s mightiest heroes got together with the public face of mutation and wondered how to deal with The Scarlet Witch. [...]