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Spoiled Beef: The Walking Dead 4×5 “Internment”

Hershel is an all American hero: his story is a life’s work spent saving animals followed by a retirement spent, not in some old folks’ home, but out on the fields tending to a farm with his daughters. When his quiet, peaceful life is cancelled thanks to the apocalypse, does he take the easy way out? Or does he throw on his slacks and keep doing whatever he can to be a good Christian? In Season 4′s fifth episode, “Internment,” the limits of what Hershel can accomplish for the good of everyone are put to the test. Not only does he survive, but unlike Shane and Carol, he does so without compromising his values as a Christian, a father and a guiding figure for the rest of his community.


TCAF: The Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2013

The weekend of may 11th and 12th was a very busy and hectic time for the city of Toronto. Some routine subway repair disrupted the flow of people. Thousands of [...]


Star Wars Day Toronto 2012

In 2012, Michael Ryan covered the Star Wars Days events at the Underground Theatre. However because of Tusken Raider interference, the article was never published. Now TdotComics is honoured to [...]


Report on: Con G 2013

Guelph is a bit of a distance from Toronto; it has residences and attractions, but for the GTA convention community the annual highlight of the town is the one winter [...]


Report on: Frostcon

Growing out of the winter cosplay skating event, and after a quick Facebook poll to determine the name, Frostcon was developed by the Ontario Cosplay Society. Set apart from the crowded summer calendar on January 27th, 2013, Frostcon proved that a bit of chilly weather doesn’t stop the GTA’s convention scene from coming together for another round of dress-up. Still, it’s crucial to note that this first-year open concept convention was not named after or specifically in honour of scene regular Louis Frost (who did put in a brief appearance as an attendee).


Report on: Toronto AnimeCon (DTAC!)

It’s Toronto AnimeCon, but most people call it “D-tac” for short (although I have never heard it referred to as such in an official capacity). On the ninth of D-cember [...]


Report on: Toronto Zombie Walk 2012

A thousand zombies emerge to groan and shuffle around the city as part of a yearly Halloween tradition. Every kind of corpse you can imagine mobilizes to crave for brain and pose for pictures.


Nuit Blanche 2012.

Annually, Toronto opens itself up and lets people fill the streets for Nuit Blanche, a colossal urban event filling Toronto’s downtown core with over 150 exhibits and events. Scotiabank sponsors the city’s conversion into a gigantic public art extravaganza.


Pope Hats #3 by Ethan Rilly

Hey I’m doing a guest spot on posting some reviews. Here is the second one originally posted on September 28st Comic Review: Pope Hats issue #3 by Ethan Rilly. [...]