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TADFF 2012 – Game Of Werewolves

by: Martin Kessler

Game Of Werewolves (2012) – Juan Martinez Moreno The short before Game Of Werewolves was called Game and was pretty fun.  In it, a victim being chased by hillbillies turns the [...]


TADFF 2012 – Citadel

by: Martin Kessler

Citadel (2012) – Ciaran Foy The short that came before Citadel was a post-apocalyptic film titled Children Of The Dark which played out like a love  letter to The Road. While the production values [...]


TADFF 2012 – Crave + Inbred

The Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2012 continues with day #2 of the fest featuring a psychological romance thriller, a superhero lasagna commercial and English hillbilly survival horror!


TADFF 2012 – Not Till We’re Married + Grabbers

The Toronto After Dark Film Festival is back! With yet another amazing collection of cult, horror and genre films to enjoy, one of the cities best festivals this year brings us nine nights of hand picked gems. Follow us through the next week and a bit as we delve into some truly dark, twisted and often hilarious films!

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Toronto After Dark Summer Screenings & the Return of the Bloor Cinema

Last night I saw Juan of the Dead and the short Ward 13 at The (new) Hot Docs Bloor Cinema presented by the Toronto After Dark Festival, I had an awesome time!


TADFF 2011 – Love and The Weight of Emptiness

We unfortunately only had time to catch one film on the 4th day of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, which was the highly hyped and anticipated sci-fi epic Love. Before the [...]


TADFF 2011 – Midnight Son Review

by: Guest

This guest post is by Marc Z. Goldgrub, let us know what you think in the comments. Vampire movies and TV shows right now all have to suffer some kind [...]


TADFF 2011 – A Lonely Place To Die

by: Guest

Exactly what it says on the tin: A Lonely Place To Die by Daniel Sos I’d like to preface this by saying that thanks to this movie, I will NEVER [...]


TADFF 2011 – Redline, Dead Heads, Paso Doble, Lost for Words and Play Dead

A review of the films we caught on the third night of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2011. Featuring Redline, Dead Heads, Paso Doble, Lost for Words, and Play Dead