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Jeff Ellis of Cloudscape Comics – Interview – TCAF 2012

Since the season finale of Quinntessential Comix I have been receiving a lot of requests for more interviews, so while you wait for season two enjoy this interview to share with you from TCAF 2012 Jeff Ellis of Cloudscape Comics


TCAF 2012

The Toronto Comic Art Festival, held annually at the Reference Library on every May (this year the 5th and 6th) is without a doubt one of the coolest events of [...]


Purple Podcast – Megapack!

Now you have a sampling of TdotComics’s Purple Podcasts to check out, with some of our lovely contributors including: Zach Ellis, Chris D’Alessandro, Ryan Burgess, Sam Maggs, Michael Ryan, Justin Mohareb, Ricky Lima & Alice Quinn.


Oakville Public Library Teen Mystery Talk & Writing Workshop

Evan Munday is one of the more elusive members of Toronto’s prestigeous Sketchkrieg! clique and creator of Quarter-Life Crisis, a graphic novel about Post-apocalyptic Toronto. Last October he released, the [...]


Skullkickers Interview – Jim Zub & Edwin Huang

At Fan Expo 2011 I had a chance to catch up with Jim Zubkavich and Edwin Huang about their ongoing series Skullkickers. I picked up the first volume of Skullkickers [...]


Nerd Mafia, TCAF, & TdotComics news

Hey all, I didn’t think I was going to write a post today but Nus’s blog today inspirired me. There is a couple of things that I want to talk about [...]


TCAF vs FCBD 2011

May is a really good month for nerd events. The temperature is right and everyone is in a good mood, which is a prime setting for really sweet events like Free Comic Book Day, Toronto Comic Arts Festival and Anime North.


The Next Day – Event Coverage

by: alex

Quickie post from me…went to the “Next Day” launch tonight…some info on the exhibit here on our earlier post. Essentially this is a graphic novel plus interactive website experience that [...]


Chester Brown – Paying For It reading

Paying For It by Chester Brown has recently been published by Drawn & Quarterly. Last night, May 1 there was a reading and signing at Goodhandys. The venue was pretty full and the crowd seemed pleased with the presentation, though there was some concern that Chester was going to read the whole book.