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Spoiled Beef: The Walking Dead 4×5 “Internment”

Hershel is an all American hero: his story is a life’s work spent saving animals followed by a retirement spent, not in some old folks’ home, but out on the fields tending to a farm with his daughters. When his quiet, peaceful life is cancelled thanks to the apocalypse, does he take the easy way out? Or does he throw on his slacks and keep doing whatever he can to be a good Christian? In Season 4′s fifth episode, “Internment,” the limits of what Hershel can accomplish for the good of everyone are put to the test. Not only does he survive, but unlike Shane and Carol, he does so without compromising his values as a Christian, a father and a guiding figure for the rest of his community.


Crystal Fractal Shines, at its Own Pace

Although huge in scale, the slow pace of the main story takes away from a great premise of the Crystal Fractal Universe..


Poking Around at Gotham’s Rotting Underbelly

“Joker” takes an intimate look into the inner workings of Gotham’s familiar crime circles.


TADFF 2012 – Grave Encounters 2

by: Martin Kessler

Grave Encounters 2 (2012) – John Poliquin The short that was shown before the film was Annie and the Dog, which was well shot and acted and had an interesting concept. [...]


Guild Wars 2. Or, how I learned to love MMOs again.

“Confound it! These dastardly wolves are destroying my crops! Just look at them, how am I supposed to aid the orphanage if the wolves are going to eat everything?” Sound [...]


The Pointing and Clicking of The Walking Dead

Before I jump in to this review, there are two things I need establish off the top. One: the first time I ever played a game involving morality choices was [...]


King City Review

Hey I’m doing a guest spot on posting some reviews. Here is the first one originally posted on September 21st King City by Brandon Graham. Hope ya dig it~ [...]


What’s this League of Legends everyone’s yelling about?

The ins and outs of the hit MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), League of Legends


Minecraft has some major addicts. If you’re reading this, you probably aren’t one of them.

Truth is, I was scared to get into Minecraft. I’ve been hooked on games before, but after seeing what could be done with this one, nothing seemed quite as addictive. [...]