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DK draws Alice for the Background of QCX 18

John “DK” Kartigan: Quinntessential Comix #18

This episode is pretty chill, we had an issue with one of our guests cancelled earlier this month and Andrew Uys (pronounced Ace) saved the show by sending DK over. We [...]

Tdotcomics_print_colour_low res

TdotComics at Wizard World 2012

It is finally time, TdotComics is entering the convention scene, on the other side of the table! TdotComics will have a Fan Group table at Wizard World Toronto 2012. While [...]

QCX 17

C.B. Cebulski & Skottie Young – Quinntessential Comix #17

Yay Friday! Another Quinntessential Comix episode is up for your viewing pleasure. This week thanks to Autodesk and Sketchbook Pro I had a chance to do two shorter interviews with [...]

Book Club Surrieal

Book Club: Surrealist Superheroes Quinntessential Comix 15

Boy do we have a sweet episode for you today! Book Club Surrealist Superheroes edition, books recommended by Aaron: Umbrella Academy Vol.1 Apocalypse Suite, Vol.2 Dallas and Grant Morrison’s Doom [...]

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Chris Hardwick on Quinntessential Comix #14

This week on Quinntessential Comix we have a very special guest TV personality, podcast host, author, and nerd supreme: Chris Hardwick ! In the episode I briefly shout out the [...]

Quinntessential Comix 12

Quinntessential Comix 12 at the T.C.W.

This week in Quinntessential Comix we take a trip to the Toronto Cartoonist’s Workshop to see what it is really all about. I want to do more shows like this, where we go out & explore the community together. I really hope you dig it, let me know on twitter or in the comments what you think :)


Quinntesstential Comix 11: Book Club Meta

Quinntesstential Comix episode 11 book club! This episode we try something a little different, we’ve chosen Graphic Novels that poke fun at the fact that they are Graphic Novels, also we [...]