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Report on: Oshawa Comic-Con

Oshawa is a large distance to travel for most of the GTA, but like anywhere, they have a dedicated base of comic fans who deserve a convention in their own [...]


OH YA!: Catching up on the Young Avengers

Following the relatively complex road from the start of the Young Avengers to their upcoming new series from Kieron Gillen. Teenage heroes with problems.


Wrapping up AvX

A look into the end of Avengers vs. X-Men and how it may affect the Marvel Universe as well as some pros and cons of Marvel’s latest big cross-over event.


10 Hallowe’en Costume Ideas for Every Nerd-Girl

Hallowe’en is every good nerd-girl’s favourite holiday. It’s the perfect excuse to cosplay without a con, and – even better! – no one is going to look at you weird [...]


Deadpool Kills Reader Interest, Leaves Reader Apathy Alive

A few missteps throughout the four part series leaves ‘Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe’ as a lack luster attempt at changing things up with no real consequences for the universe containing it.


Fan Expo 2012 kicks off

Fan Expo 2012 begins Thursday, August 23 and goes until Sunday, August 26. Consisting of panels, discussions, movies, autograph sessions and celebrity Q&As, not to mention the vendors and exclusive items only available to the convention.


Comics and video games – a brief history

Combining two of the world’s best things: comic books and video games. with a little history on the side.


Report on Brickfete

For the most part I have regarded Lego as a toy brand for people who aren’t me. Recently, though, a complete collection of Transformers Kre-O sets got me back into [...]


Popcorn Panel: The Amazing Spider-Man

Welcome to Popcorn Panels, the movie review that feels just like sitting in a theater full of know-it-all nerds as they loudly offer their expert opinions on your long-awaited blockbuster! [...]