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Report on: FablesCon 2013

by: Guest

Fablescon is a brand new, intimate and genre specific creator-driven convention that is a breath of fresh air in the crowded comic con landscape. It is held in the city [...]


Botcon 2012

Every year, every Transformer fan who can afford the voyage makes a pilgrimage to Botcon, the official Transformers convention. There were a lot of road bumps on the way to the convention [...]


Wizard World Toronto 2012

Like all the other big cities in North America, Toronto is home to a Wizard World Convention. They bring their framework and rent an area and book some guests and [...]

The Bloom County Complete Collection

Deck the Halls with Loads of Comics!

by: Manda J

Deck the Halls with Loads of Comics! By: Manda J @HeyRed ʻTis the season for shopping, food, family, stress and more shopping. I try my best every year to do [...]


Quinntessential Comix #3 with Anthony Del Col from Kill Shakespeare

This week I am joined by Anthony Del Col of Kill Shakespeare as we discuss the release of the second volume of Kill Shakespeare, the recent live performance, & whats [...]


Chasing a God of Literary Art

The compelling conclusion to the epic event starring none other than Shakespeare’s best protagonists and antagonists is a must read for any fans of the English language.


Kill Shakespeare Live Performance

The wait is over, November 22nd the second Kill Shakespeare volume A Blast of War is released, the story chronicles the exciting conclusion to the Kill Shakespeare! As well Kill [...]


Quinntessential Comix

Hey all, If you’ve been following along you’ll remember last week’s announcement about Alice Quinn’s Live Graphic Novel Show. Since then I’ve been working overtime figuring out the segments of [...]


Watch Shakespeare and then Kill Shakespeare

The creators of the popular comic which “mashes up” all of the Bard’s greatest heroes and most menacing villains in the same world and story are teaming up with one [...]