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‘The Activity’ is a Happening Read

One of the blessings of this modern age of comics is the great variety of genres that you see. Honestly, I don’t think comicdom has seen this kind of bounty [...]


‘Lady Mechanika’ an Average Steampunk Beauty

I love steampunk. I mean, what’s not to like? Nineteenth-century fashion, elaborate gilded architecture, fascinating contraptions, and creative anachronism. Plus it just looks cool. It’s a meme we see just [...]


Danger Girl and the Army of Darkness: Groovy Fun

I don’t like crossovers. Batman vs. Predator? No. Superman vs. Terminator? Please. Hulk vs. Darkness? What? Witchblade/Wolverine? Jeez! Marvel vs. DC? C’mon! So I was set to think that the [...]


Image’s ‘Last of the Greats’ will Shake Your Foundations

Amazed. The only word I can come up with after reading issues 1-3 of Josh Fialkov and Brent Peeples’ Last of the Greats. I don’t know if I’ve even been [...]


Avenging Spider-Man: Best Title of the Year?

By Peter Kuebeck Go out and buy Avenging Spider-Man. Right NOW. I’ll wait. And I’m not kidding, either. I’ve read a lot of titles this year, from Image to the DC [...]


The Infinite: It’s Only a Matter of Time…

The Infinite: It’s Only a Matter of Time… By PETER KUEBECK No matter the comics reader, everyone’s got an opinion about Rob Liefeld. One of the most enthusiastic comics creators [...]