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King City Review

Hey I’m doing a guest spot on posting some reviews. Here is the first one originally posted on September 21st King City by Brandon Graham. Hope ya dig it~ [...]


Bots and Babes: Sweet Threads and Awesome Comics

  Contrary to popular conception, being a comic-book lover does not dictate dressing like your mom lays out your clothes for you in the morning. So cast aside your tucked-in, [...]


The Walking Dead Season Three Speculation: Spoilers!

I know what you’re thinking, and it isn’t because I’ve eaten your brains. You want more of The Walking Dead, and dammit, you want it now. Perhaps worse than ever, [...]


Solving cases one meal at a time

Crime solving involving the distribution of illegal poultry products and cannibalistic forensics makes ‘Chew’ an enjoyable read about an interesting concept.


Quinntesstential Comix 11: Book Club Meta

Quinntesstential Comix episode 11 book club! This episode we try something a little different, we’ve chosen Graphic Novels that poke fun at the fact that they are Graphic Novels, also we [...]


‘I, Vampire’ a Tale of Blood with Little Bite

I love a good vampire story. And, apparently, so does most of North America. The Twilight books (and movies) are a huge phenomenon; there’s a new entry into the Underworld [...]

T-Rex - eyebrows

Thoughts, theories as told by dinosaurs

If dinosaurs could talk, we can only hope they are as confident and awesome as T-Rex.  The almost daily web comic Dinosaur Comics, written and illustrated by Ryan North, includes [...]

QC DSC02139

Quinntessential Comix #5 with Jim Zub

This week I sit down with Jim Zub and we chat about Skullkickers, Makeshift Miracle, Image Comics, creator owned Comics, & working over email. I hope you enjoy this episode half as [...]


Skullkickers Interview – Jim Zub & Edwin Huang

At Fan Expo 2011 I had a chance to catch up with Jim Zubkavich and Edwin Huang about their ongoing series Skullkickers. I picked up the first volume of Skullkickers [...]