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Report on: FanExpo 2013

FanExpo is a predominant vertex of the Canadian convention scene, drawing thousands upon thousands to what’s roughly the scene’s big end to the summer. FanExpo is the size all conventions aspire to be, and while the organizers do not have a perfect record, it’s still a must-go for any GTA comic fan who can’t afford San Diego. This year’s FanExpo took place August 22nd to 25th at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. Like always, it was one incredible weekend where Geek is Good.


Report on: Toronto Comic-Con 2013

With Wizard not having a show in Toronto this year, the spring comic book scene was open for Hobbystar to bring back the Toronto Comic-Con in full force March 9-10, 2013, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The con absorbed the March anime convention and welcomed fans of any kind of fiction. People call it Fan Expo Jr., because that’s really what it is.

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March 2013 update, personal and professional

It has been a while since I poured my heart out and touched base with my readers, and a bunch of awesome as well as not so great stuff has [...]


Calendar Building 2013

A quick glance at some of the events of 2013 to help plan out your year. Lots of conventions and festivals to occupy and entertain and keep the GTA busy.


Report on: Toronto AnimeCon (DTAC!)

It’s Toronto AnimeCon, but most people call it “D-tac” for short (although I have never heard it referred to as such in an official capacity). On the ninth of D-cember [...]


Toronto March Comic-con 2012

Hobby Star’s last Comic-con was a fun event because I found some issues I’ve been needing. And their last anime convention in December was fun because of all the friends [...]


Report on D-TAC: Toronto Anime Convention 2011

  Anime Fans will take advantage of any excuse to cosplay, and Hobbystar makes their money by capitalizing on this urge. The GTA’s latest event for cosplay and other otaku [...]


On the floor of Fanexpo 2011

Canada’s next-best-thing to the San Diego Comic Convention arrived last weekend and brought fourth a congregation of all kinds of subculture enthusiasts to share in festivities and consumerism.


We came to play – gaming coverage from Fan Expo 2011

As many of you know, the big nerd event of the year in Toronto occurred just this past weekend. Hobbystar’s annual Fan Expo Canada is certainly the largest comic convention [...]