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A Look Back At Star Trek: The Motion Picture

by: Martin Kessler

The first time I saw Star Trek: The Motion picture is vivid in my memory. It was my tenth birthday, and I was sick in bed with the flu. I was feverishly immersed in the film, and even on my tiny television in VHS quality, its grandeur was undeniable.


TADFF 2012 – Grave Encounters 2

by: Martin Kessler

Grave Encounters 2 (2012) – John Poliquin The short that was shown before the film was Annie and the Dog, which was well shot and acted and had an interesting concept. [...]


TADFF 2012 – Sushi Girl

by: Martin Kessler

Sushi Girl (2012) – Kern Saxton The short that came before the film was a beautifully constructed stop-motion animated movie called Bydlo. It felt like watching some ancient legend. I [...]


Report on “I Heart Shakey” with Epilepsy Canada

Epilepsy Canada in conjunction with CTV and ITG Canada sponsor the release of the family oriented movie I Heart Shakey, a movie about a little girl who refuses to let go of her adorable and intelligent pet dog.


Fan Expo 2012 kicks off

Fan Expo 2012 begins Thursday, August 23 and goes until Sunday, August 26. Consisting of panels, discussions, movies, autograph sessions and celebrity Q&As, not to mention the vendors and exclusive items only available to the convention.


TADFF 2012 Summer Screenings – Juan of the Dead

Toronto After Dark Film Festival starts the awesome early with a series of summer screenings at the newly renovated Bloor Hot Docs Cinema.

The producer of Alice in Wonderland? Shouldn't they tell us something good?

Snow White and the Huntsman: A Bewitching Film of Folly

by: Guest

By: Rebecca Bitton Once upon a time there was a 22-year-old rising movie starlet (Kristen Stewart) worth over 50 million dollars who decided to trade in her fangs for fairy-tales [...]


TADFF 2011 – Love and The Weight of Emptiness

We unfortunately only had time to catch one film on the 4th day of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, which was the highly hyped and anticipated sci-fi epic Love. Before the [...]


TADFF 2011 – Redline, Dead Heads, Paso Doble, Lost for Words and Play Dead

A review of the films we caught on the third night of the Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2011. Featuring Redline, Dead Heads, Paso Doble, Lost for Words, and Play Dead