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Poking Around at Gotham’s Rotting Underbelly

“Joker” takes an intimate look into the inner workings of Gotham’s familiar crime circles.


DC Comics New 52: One Year Later, 21 Opinions

It’s been over a year since DC Comics’ ambitious New 52 relaunch. Like many others I sampled a bit of everything and made my pull list. I took a few [...]


DC Nation vs. Cartoon Network: What’s Going On?

There’s been lots of controversy over the past few weeks about the Cartoon Network’s abrupt decision to pull the DC Nation programming block from Saturday mornings until January without any [...]


Fan Expo 2012 kicks off

Fan Expo 2012 begins Thursday, August 23 and goes until Sunday, August 26. Consisting of panels, discussions, movies, autograph sessions and celebrity Q&As, not to mention the vendors and exclusive items only available to the convention.


An original origin for Batman

‘Batman: Earth One’ gives readers a Bruce Wayne that’s emotional and reckless in a time before the invention of shark repellant.


Bots and Babes: Sweet Threads and Awesome Comics

  Contrary to popular conception, being a comic-book lover does not dictate dressing like your mom lays out your clothes for you in the morning. So cast aside your tucked-in, [...]

Spectacular SPiderman

Another Spider-Man Cartoon

After eight animated incarnations, your friendly neighborhood wall-crawler stars in yet another cartoon which premiered on Disney XD on April 1st. I loved the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon that aired on [...]

How to be NERDY and score with hot babes

How to be NERDY and score with hot babes

I’ve been a nerdy guy for these past 20 years in which I’ve called the planet Earth my home. I remember being a young nerd and most importantly I remember [...]


Quinntessential Comix #7: Book Club – Spy Themed!

Check out our spy themed book club episode! We read the first volume of Human Target and Sleeper: Out in the Cold. We are pretty loose in this episode, just being back from the holiday break and all.