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Report On: Anime North 2014

Sempai gonna notice the fuck out of you. Anime North, a landmark event on a scale that’s hard to understand. Pushing the limits of the capacity of the Toronto Congress [...]


Report On: GTA Comic Con

The Burlington Toy Show couldn’t keep their summer events in Burlington as there were no more venues with the capacity to host them. So over a year ago they began [...]


Report On: Toronto Comic-Con 2014

The Toronto Comic-Con (March 7-9) is called Mini-FanExpo or FanExpo Jr. for good reasons. A lot of guests, a ton of cosplay, and just enough events to ring people to the [...]


Calendar Building 2014

More conventions, more coverage, more cosplay. The convention season never ends. More movies, more comics, more toys. TdotComics coverage of previous occurrences of events is in [brackets]. Reading past coverage [...]


Report On: Toronto Anime/Comicon 2013

Past years the December events from Hobbystar have been rather low-key, with a few dealers and mostly just used an excuse to cosplay. With Informa’s acquisition of Hobbystar properties it was [...]


Report On: Hammer Town Comic Con

The Hammer Town Comic Con was a first year convention, but with the large cosplayer turnout, large dealer’s room, and mix of local and imported guests, it doesn’t feel like [...]


Report on: Oshawa Comic-Con

Oshawa is a large distance to travel for most of the GTA, but like anywhere, they have a dedicated base of comic fans who deserve a convention in their own [...]


Report on: FanExpo 2013

FanExpo is a predominant vertex of the Canadian convention scene, drawing thousands upon thousands to what’s roughly the scene’s big end to the summer. FanExpo is the size all conventions aspire to be, and while the organizers do not have a perfect record, it’s still a must-go for any GTA comic fan who can’t afford San Diego. This year’s FanExpo took place August 22nd to 25th at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. Like always, it was one incredible weekend where Geek is Good.


Report on: ConBravo 2013

ConBravo 2013 was a three dimensional experience, including not just a multilevel (and slightly labyrinthine) venue but also tons of interactivity. Internet icons shared stage space with each other and local convention icons like the 404s and Dr. Holocaust. But the convention offered a lot more than just the big names who showed up.