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Report On: Con-G 2014

Last year during Con-G’s closing ceremonies it was announced that 2014 would be the last Con-G. Too many organizers have moved on with their lives and away from Guelph so [...]


Report On: CANterlot Convention 2013

Dear Princess Celestia Nobody doubts the popularity of My Little Pony now. There’s hundreds of cosplayers at every convention in Canada, and there’s numerous conventions in the states, so the [...]


Report On: Youmacon 2013

There are many conventions in the GTA, lots of excuses to cosplay and consume and browse exhibitors and meet famous people. It takes a lot to be exceptional, and it [...]


Report on: Oshawa Comic-Con

Oshawa is a large distance to travel for most of the GTA, but like anywhere, they have a dedicated base of comic fans who deserve a convention in their own [...]


Report on: TFCon 2013

Being a Transformers fan is an everyday occupation, with a steady stream of new comics and new toys to pay attention to and an active culture on the internet. Interest in the brand peaks not when new movies come out, but when for one weekend, all Cybertronians and Canadians are closest. For eleven years running, TFCon summons an enormous and diverse family of Transformers fans.


Report on: Botcon 2013

With numerous appearances across all media, a new movie on the horizon, and almost thirty years of history, it’s developed a large and loyal following of fans who annually fly in from all over the world to share a building with hundreds of other aficionados – or at least those who can name each of the G1 combiner teams1 – and to meet with the contributing individuals who make the brand what it is. Botcon (June 27th-30th) is big, official, and old, but it still has a lot of room for improvement in years when there’s no movie coming out.


Convention Survival Guide

With convention season starting earlier and earlier, and with more and more comic, gaming, and anime conventions starting up each year, it’s getting simpler to attend conventions and, thus, to [...]


Report on: Canadian Toycon March 18th, 2013

by: Guest

This is the first post by Sam Noir on TdotComics Canadian Toycon is one of the GTA’s fastest growing local conventions.  They are mounting five shows this year, and have [...]


Report on: Toronto Comic-Con 2013

With Wizard not having a show in Toronto this year, the spring comic book scene was open for Hobbystar to bring back the Toronto Comic-Con in full force March 9-10, 2013, at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The con absorbed the March anime convention and welcomed fans of any kind of fiction. People call it Fan Expo Jr., because that’s really what it is.