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Life in the Sewers: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

in the late 80s I was exposed to something new: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the first thing that started to exist which hadn’t existed beforehand. Nothing would ever be the same again, as far as seven year old me was concerned. TMNT wasn’t just a show; it was a movement.


OH YA!: Catching up on the Young Avengers

Following the relatively complex road from the start of the Young Avengers to their upcoming new series from Kieron Gillen. Teenage heroes with problems.


DC Comics New 52: One Year Later, 21 Opinions

It’s been over a year since DC Comics’ ambitious New 52 relaunch. Like many others I sampled a bit of everything and made my pull list. I took a few [...]


Carried away with the X-men

There are hundreds of back-issues of X-Men material, and the range of quality is tremendous. Since they became popular in the 90s, it seems like everybody has a favorite era. [...]


The Road to Avengers Vs X-Men

Ten years ago, the X-Men and Avengers had a crossover. Earth’s mightiest heroes got together with the public face of mutation and wondered how to deal with The Scarlet Witch. [...]


Sailor Moon Nostalgia hour

Anime North is around the corner, so I would like to talk to you about Sailor Moon, a show that’s part of every Otaku’s heritage. Bleach. Naruto. Death Note. Popular [...]


Anti-Gravity Room Memories

YTV in the 90s was, for a lot of reasons, a guilty pleasure: Tarzan Dan managed to make music videos more watchable than Much Music did, Squak Box was sketch [...]


Thoughts on Magneto Testament

I’ve always loved the dynamic between Xavier and Magneto that put Magneto aside from most of the evil bosses of the Marvel Universe. A common (simplified) comparison between the two visionary mutants [...]

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Anime North 2012 attendee cap.

A short consideration of what the attendee cap for Anime North 2011 means for the convention this summer.