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Book Club Surrieal

Book Club: Surrealist Superheroes Quinntessential Comix 15

Boy do we have a sweet episode for you today! Book Club Surrealist Superheroes edition, books recommended by Aaron: Umbrella Academy Vol.1 Apocalypse Suite, Vol.2 Dallas and Grant Morrison’s Doom [...]


Quinntesstential Comix 11: Book Club Meta

Quinntesstential Comix episode 11 book club! This episode we try something a little different, we’ve chosen Graphic Novels that poke fun at the fact that they are Graphic Novels, also we [...]


Quinntessential Comix Book Club

Once a month on Quinntessential Comix we host a Graphic Novel Book Club & invite readers, viewers, and fans from the community to join us for our book club discussion in studio. [...]


Quinntessential Comix #7: Book Club – Spy Themed!

Check out our spy themed book club episode! We read the first volume of Human Target and Sleeper: Out in the Cold. We are pretty loose in this episode, just being back from the holiday break and all.

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Quinntessential Comix #5 with Jim Zub

This week I sit down with Jim Zub and we chat about Skullkickers, Makeshift Miracle, Image Comics, creator owned Comics, & working over email. I hope you enjoy this episode half as [...]


Quinntessential Comix #4 Book Club

This is the first Book Club edition of Quinntessential Comix! The books we discuss this month are The Stuff of Legend Book 1 The Dark by Mike Raicht, and The [...]


Quinntessential Comix #2 – Maurice Vellekoop

You are in for a real treat! I was very fortunate to have Maurice Vellekoop in the studio, and we chat about Gloria Badcock, sex, art, and throw Spock a [...]


Quinntessential Comix

Hey all, If you’ve been following along you’ll remember last week’s announcement about Alice Quinn’s Live Graphic Novel Show. Since then I’ve been working overtime figuring out the segments of [...]