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Report On: Toronto Anime/Comicon 2013

Past years the December events from Hobbystar have been rather low-key, with a few dealers and mostly just used an excuse to cosplay. With Informa’s acquisition of Hobbystar properties it was [...]


Trailer Trash Podcast Episode Three

On this episode of Trailer Trash, Blake and Chris have salon quality hair, discover the true ‘Bigger Jaws’ and drool over the greatest teaser ever. Anchorman 2  The Walking Dead [...]


Poking Around at Gotham’s Rotting Underbelly

“Joker” takes an intimate look into the inner workings of Gotham’s familiar crime circles.


DC Comics New 52: One Year Later, 21 Opinions

It’s been over a year since DC Comics’ ambitious New 52 relaunch. Like many others I sampled a bit of everything and made my pull list. I took a few [...]


Comics and video games – a brief history

Combining two of the world’s best things: comic books and video games. with a little history on the side.


An original origin for Batman

‘Batman: Earth One’ gives readers a Bruce Wayne that’s emotional and reckless in a time before the invention of shark repellant.


Popcorn Panel: The Amazing Spider-Man

Welcome to Popcorn Panels, the movie review that feels just like sitting in a theater full of know-it-all nerds as they loudly offer their expert opinions on your long-awaited blockbuster! [...]


DC’s New 52 Batman Destroys The Competition

Batman is everything. Detective. Inventor. Athlete. Fighter. And, on occasion, ninja. He’s a character that can – and has – do anything. He cannot be stopped. Unlike the ‘Big Blue [...]


Report on Anime North 2012

Anime North (May 25th to 27) is big, no denying it. Even with the cap on the number of people allowed to register, it’s still the largest anime convention in Canada and one of the biggest fan conventions in North America. With more than you can possibly absorb in the time allotted, it is a sugoi spectacle giving the chance to embrace all things Japanese or just get away with rampant nerdy gushing. Of the Canadian events, only Fan Expo even compares in scale.