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Report On: Artist Project Toronto 2014

Hundreds of artists, thousands of artworks, a maze of walled off displays where for a weekend, what must be the biggest creative convergence in Ontario. The Artist Project Contemporary Art [...]


Report on: Art Toronto 2013

“Informa” is a popular enigma – their acquisition of HobbyStar was unexpected and the implications of what it means for Toronto’s annual mega-convention Fanexpo remain to be seen. But Art [...]


TCAF: The Toronto Comic Arts Festival 2013

The weekend of may 11th and 12th was a very busy and hectic time for the city of Toronto. Some routine subway repair disrupted the flow of people. Thousands of [...]


report on: Art-O-Con 2013

Jaded Dragon Studio’s Art-O-Con, where on May 5th 2013, hundreds of creative individuals sold their wares. Comic artists you would expect on Deviant Art to novelty knitters you would expect on Etsy, and a few steampunk prop developers, too.


Report on: Art Toronto 2012: Focus Asia.

Art Toronto was a classy event held October 6th to the 29th. While all kinds of attendees were welcome to examine the displayed masterpieces, it was free of rowdy cosplayers and [...]


Nuit Blanche 2012.

Annually, Toronto opens itself up and lets people fill the streets for Nuit Blanche, a colossal urban event filling Toronto’s downtown core with over 150 exhibits and events. Scotiabank sponsors the city’s conversion into a gigantic public art extravaganza.


UysFaber Art Contest

Totem Sacred, a modern supernatural-horror comic available in comic stores across Toronto, is starting a new storyline, and it needs an illustrator.


DIY Comic Art Book Camp: Part I – Da Gear

Fifteen years ago, I was very much like you: I wanted to learn how to draw like a comic book artist. Now, let me be clear – I didn’t want [...]

Team Rocket take off indeed

Tales from a N00b Anime North

I take in all that is Anime North for the first time and get whip-smacked in the face-hole with all the awesome that the event promised to be.