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Report On: Anime North 2014

Sempai gonna notice the fuck out of you. Anime North, a landmark event on a scale that’s hard to understand. Pushing the limits of the capacity of the Toronto Congress [...]


Report On: Con-G 2014

Last year during Con-G’s closing ceremonies it was announced that 2014 would be the last Con-G. Too many organizers have moved on with their lives and away from Guelph so [...]


Report On: Youmacon 2013

There are many conventions in the GTA, lots of excuses to cosplay and consume and browse exhibitors and meet famous people. It takes a lot to be exceptional, and it [...]


Report on: Anime North 2013 ^_^

May 24th to 26th is the launch of undisputed launch of Toronto’s convention summer. By the bus load, everybody over 14 who can name more than 100 Pokemon heads to [...]


Report on: Con G 2013

Guelph is a bit of a distance from Toronto; it has residences and attractions, but for the GTA convention community the annual highlight of the town is the one winter [...]


Report on: Frostcon

Growing out of the winter cosplay skating event, and after a quick Facebook poll to determine the name, Frostcon was developed by the Ontario Cosplay Society. Set apart from the crowded summer calendar on January 27th, 2013, Frostcon proved that a bit of chilly weather doesn’t stop the GTA’s convention scene from coming together for another round of dress-up. Still, it’s crucial to note that this first-year open concept convention was not named after or specifically in honour of scene regular Louis Frost (who did put in a brief appearance as an attendee).


Report on: Toronto AnimeCon (DTAC!)

It’s Toronto AnimeCon, but most people call it “D-tac” for short (although I have never heard it referred to as such in an official capacity). On the ninth of D-cember [...]


Report on Youmacon 2012

Despite it being a far drive to the city of Detroit for many visitors, Youmacon is notorious for being a party convention, oriented towards people who want to rock out [...]


Report on Unplugged Expo

Who wants another convention less than a month after Fan Expo? Well, if there’s one thing Fan Expo did, it left me with an appreciation of the benefits of smaller [...]