TADFF 2012 – [Rec]3 Génesis

by: Martin Kessler

[Rec]3Génesis (2012) – Paco Plaza

We Ate The Children Last, the short that preceded [Rec]3 had pretty amazing production values but not much else. What was much more fun was Vincenzo Natali’s Heart and Stroke Foundation commercial with zombies, which produced some pretty big laughs from the audience and would definitely be something worth watching.

[Rec]3 follows the bride an groom of a wedding that comes under siege by zombies. It is a huge departure from the gritty found-footage precedent set by the first two films in the series, and doubtless many fans of the first two [Rec] films will be confused and alienated by the tone of [Rec]3 which frequently enters camp territory without any hesitation. This may sound bad, but if a viewer is willing to disregard its association with the first two films, [Rec]3 holds up really well.

[Rec]3 is really more likely to please fans of Lamberto Bava’s Demons or Evil Dead 2. The most obvious departure in [Rec]3 is the cinematography, with most of the scenes not done in the found-footage style, and some of the shots being startlingly beautiful. The cast is fantastic, playing their roles straight while giving little hints that it is okay to laugh. Diego Martín as Koldo the groom makes for a solid leading man, and Leticia Dolera as Clara the bride is especially expressive and charismatic. There are some really absurd touches that make [Rec]3 stand out from the average zombie film, including Koldo dressed in medieval armor carrying a mace, a deaf zombie, a children’s entertainer dressed up like a certain famous sea sponge, and the bride armed with a chainsaw taking ‘her day’ back one zombie at a time.

[Rec]3 plays to a very different sensibility, and is somewhat hindered by being placed into the [Rec] series rather than being a stand-alone film.  Those with an open mind who appreciate stylish, tongue-in-cheek fun will find the film a real treat.  

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