TADFF 2012 – Game Of Werewolves

by: Martin Kessler

Game Of Werewolves (2012) – Juan Martinez Moreno

The short before Game Of Werewolves was called Game and was pretty fun.  In it, a victim being chased by hillbillies turns the tables when she transforms into a monster. Looks great and has some fun makeup effects.

I was a bit reluctant to see Game Of Werewolves after watching its misleading trailer, but once the film began my fears quickly disappeared and I was able to enjoy this highly entertaining film.

Game Of Werewolves is a Spanish horror-comedy that shows a real love for classic werewolf movies while being willing to discard some clichés. It follows a writer named Tomas returning to his childhood town to work on his new novel. He soon discovers that the town is under a hundred year-old gypsy curse that can only be broken if Tomas is eaten by a werewolf. The film stars some  enjoyable comedic actors who play off one another well, and the entire film manages to be funny and occasionally scary. As the director Juan Martinez Moreno said the film is meant to “make you laugh a lot, and scared a little” and it definitely achieves this. It has a great comic book sensibility that is very easy to get wrapped up in.

The film seems to have every penny up on screen with great locations and fantastic special effects and makeup. It also has some well executed gore and action sequences. The biggest things working against Game Of Werewolves is its television styled cinematography and pacing. While I don’t think there is anything wrong with television, there is not a whole lot that is cinematic about the film’s cinematography, and the uninteresting lighting and colour timing often undercut the film’s atmosphere.  The pacing often feels rushed withing individual scenes rushing to get the point of the scene across without letting it be fully enjoyed.

By the climax of the film it’s hard not to feel a little exhausted. Having said all that discovering this Game Of Werewolves on late-night television would be a real treat, where the look is expected and there is an occasional commercial break to catch your breath.

Game Of Werewolves is a really solid movie for people looking for a good old fashioned fun werewolf movie with some unexpected twists and turns.

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