Richard Comely – Captain Canuck

by: alex

Richard Comely in his studio sketching for me (inset piece is final product)

I really wanted to meet Richard Comely (co-creator of Captain Canuck) at FanExpo 2010 but could never seem to hit his table at the right time. On Friday, I passed by a few times and didn’t catch him and I left the show early on Saturday (my feet hurt/tired of crowds) and left before he got there.

We’d been chatting via email before the con and so I emailed him to find out when his next appearance might be and he invited me out to his Cambridge home.

I decided to take him up on his kind offer and so Alice and I headed for Cambridge.

It was a nice chance to get out of the city, hang out with Alice (even though our musical tastes differ) and chat with Richard. It really is a fascinating story of a small operation that produced a comic that still has presence and fans 35 years later.

We talked Captain Canuck history:

- 200,000 copies of #1 were printed (amazing how times have changed, the new X-Men #1 sold 140,000 copies) with 111,000 copies going to newstands and the remaining copies being sold in packs of 2 and via other means)

- A store in Winnipeg bought 4000 copies of #1 and had lines around the block when it came out.

- Richard didn’t pitch the comic to Marvel or DC because he assumed they wouldn’t be interested and so borrowed money to finance the comic and created “Comely Comix”.

- Richard has the film rights but couldn’t tell us anything about whether a movie/tv show might be on it’s way someday.

- The comic release was big news, covered by major media outlets and Richard toured the country to promote it.

- Virtually all of the original art has been sold, by Richard, to the National Archives (who used to buy art but will now only provide tax credits for donated material). The art is not currently on display.

- Richard has about 150 copies of #1 left, a handful of original posters but no buttons (which are quite rare)

For more info: head to

For Canuck fans who want to add to their collections:

- Richard is selling a very limited number (under 80) of two volume sets (reprinting issues 4-14) with volume #1 signed and containing an original sketch and volume #2 signed for $65. (Shipping included in Canada)

The set costs $33 on (no shipping included) so I’d go for the signed/sketched versions (which, I did, as the pic below is my set).

Please note…Richard has not updated the website to reflect this offer being available…so tdotcomics is announcing it first…feel free to contact Richard at [email protected] if you’re interested.

Captain Canuck Vol 1 and 2

- I think Richard could also be persuaded to part with an original poster or do commissions

- for more on what’s available.

Captain Canuck #1 signed

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