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Once a month on Quinntessential Comix we host a Graphic Novel Book Club & invite readers, viewers, and fans from the community to join us for our book club discussion in studio. This page is the home for the book club bookmark it: new books, club dates, & new book club episode updates will fill this page. To get in on the Book Club next month in person email Alice – [email protected]

Book Club December – Mystical Escape Quinntessential Comix Episode  4
This is the first Book Club edition of Quinntessential Comix! The books we discuss this month are: The Stuff of Legend Book 1 The Dark [ISBN: 0345521005] story by Mike Raicht & Brian Smith ; illustrated by Charles Paul Wilson III
The Good Neighbors Book 1 Kin [ISBN: 0439855624] Holly Black, writer;  Ted Naifeh, artist
Joining Alice for this edition of Book Club: Matt, Dave, Tish and Ryan, Thanks for joining us! Add your two cents to the discussion in the comments in the episode linked below.
You can find the Mystical Escape episode here

Book Club January – Spy Ed. Quinntessential Comix Episode  7
Check out our spy themed book club episode! We read the first volume of:
Human Target [ISBN: 1563896931] (mini-series) Peter Milligan, writer; Edvin Biuković, pencils
Sleeper: Out in the Cold [ISBN:1401201156 (pbk.)]. Ed Brubaker, writer; Sean Phillips, pencils
We are pretty loose in this episode, just being back from the holiday break & all. Joining Alice for this edition of Book Club: Matt, Dave, Tish and Daniel Sos, Thanks for joining us!Add your two cents to the discussion in the comments in the episode linked below.
You can find the Spy episode here

Book Club February Meta Ed.
For the next month we are going to try something a little different, we’ve chosen Graphic Novels that poke fun at the fact that they are Graphic Novels, also we are going to be reading more then just one volume. First up:
Top 10. Book 1 Collected ed. [ISBN: 1563896575] Alan Moore,  Gene Ha,
Top 10. Book 2 Collected ed. [ISBN: 1563898764] Alan Moore,  Gene Ha,
Invincible. Vol.  1, Family matters [ISBN: 1582403201] Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley
Invincible. Vol.  2, Eight is enough [ISBN: 1582403473] Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley
Invincible. Vol.  3, Perfect strangers [ISBN: 1582403910] Robert Kirkman, Ryan Ottley

That is right we are read both of Top Ten’s 2 volumes & we are reading the first 3 volumes of Invincible.  After you you’ve read the books watch the full episode here .

Book Club March
We’ve had an intriguing suggestion for book club this month: Surrealist Superheroes. Aaron from last month’ book club thinks we should read Gerard Way’s Umbrella Academy (volume 1 isbn: 978-1593079789 volume 2 isbn: 978-1595823458) and Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol, in particular the second trade (you don’t need to read the first), The Painting that Ate Paris: (isbn: 978-1401203429) – I totally agree. I have always wanted to check Umbrella Academy but  I’ve never have  because… it is not in the TPL! Which sucks because it is not as accessible for book club viewers like you!  Alas I apologize, this is too cool a theme to pass up!
You can watch the full episode here.

Book Club April

For April we are going to switch it up a little from our last Book Club bring it from surrealist abstract material, to the very real autobiographical comics. Our first selection is Chester Brown’s Paying For It: a comic strip memoir of a john ISBN: 9781770460485 (place it on hold at the TPL). Paying For It comes
recommended by Lezley Davidson (she did some neat autobiographical comics, check out Peeling Onions). As well I think that Persepolis is almost necessary to this autobio edition of QCX Book Club. Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi, ISBN: 0375422307 (at the TPL) and Persepolis 2: The Story of a Return ISBN: 0375422889 (at the TPL)

Filming date is Wednesday March 29th and the episode will air Friday March 31 – not exactly April but we can keep that between us.  If you want in to the in studio discussion we film in Toronto’s Bloor-Yonge area email me: [email protected]

Book Club May
What do you think the theme for the next Book Club Episode should be? What Graphic Novels would you like us to read? please comment below:

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