Quinntessential Comix #13 Gibson Quarter

Welcome to QCX the best weekly webshow about comics focusing on Toronto. This week we have Gibson Quarter joining us in studio we talk about working on Wasted, the release of Undertow #2 and how Gibson loves to learn more & better his art.

Oh we also dress Matt up in all sorts of crazy hats we found in the studio! Shenanigans!

Unfortunately we had some technical difficulties during this episode, the microphone we usually use at Harth TV was MIA so we ran out & got a quick replacement, after much fidgeting with it we decided that was as good as it was going to get, and being 30mins behind we just jumped right in. So apologies the sound quality is sub par but the interview is fantastic so Enjoy!

You can check out Gibson Quarter’s Blog he updates with news & sketches on the regular! Also you can find Undertow at The Silver Snail & The Comics Lounge & Gallery

Note: I want to apologize to the Comics Lounge & Gallery for always calling it the Comics Gallery & Lounge – I will get it right one of these days just gotta rewrite my programming :p

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