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Hey all,

If you’ve been following along you’ll remember last week’s announcement about Alice Quinn’s Live Graphic Novel Show. Since then I’ve been working overtime figuring out the segments of the show, collecting crew, booking guests, and working out the kinks.

I’ve decided that at least for now the show will be pre-recorded. The reasoning behind this is we want to give you a polished show, and since this is our first time doing something like this we need some practice. In the future when we have tonnes of loyal viewers and super famous guests we will have live recordings so viewers can tweet, e-mail and Facebook questions to the show real time. For now we will announce the guests in advance so if you have questions you want us to ask let us know in the comments.

The show will be taped on Wednesdays and released on Fridays, here is the schedule for the next month:
Wednesday November 16 – Eugene Zhilinsky Kimberley Whitchurch creators of Rock Testament
Wednesday November 23 – Maurice Vellekoop‘s creator of (to be released Nov.29) The World of Gloria Badcock
Wednesday November 30 – The Kill Shakespeare guys (still have to confirm who will be in attendance)
Wednesday December 7 – Book Club Episode!

As well, we think we’ve come up with a good name: what do you think of Quinntessential Comix? I am huge fan of puns so when Sean Ward suggested this name to me at first I laughed and then I felt how it worked. I made the “Comix” with an ‘x’ because for the most part we will be focusing more on the indie rather then the mainstream.

Originally I called this a graphic novel show. Why, you may ask? We aren’t going to talk about Spider-Man issue number whatever–this is not the show to watch if you want to know what is going on in the new DCU every week.  We are going to be talking about stories; whether that story is told through one issue of a graphic novel or a series of graphic novels, we’ll discuss it and review it with as little spoilers as possible.

Our first Book Club episode is going to take place on Wednesday, December 7th and we need comix fans to join our discussion in the studio on that date. The Books of the Month are along a mystical escape theme: The Stuff of Legend Book 1 The Dark and The Good Neighbors Book 1 Kin. Both of these titles are first in a series and both are available in the Toronto Public Library so you don’t have to spend money to join in the conversation. If you’re not camera shy and you have some extra time in your Wednesday evening, why not consider joining our panel of bookworms for the month? If you are interested email me at [email protected].

We hope you are as excited about Quinntessential Comix as we are and that you will tune in to watch our first episode Friday November 18th!
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