Report On: Ontario Collector’s Con

It started with TFcon in 2002, which soon spawned the 80s Toy Expo, and then a few more conventions because once the framework for a good time is established, why not use it whenever there’s people looking for a fun weekend? This year the Ontario Collector’s Conventions group has five (5) events Their first event for the new year was the Ontario Collector’s Con on January 26th in the Meadowvale area of Mississauga. Between many familiar faces, good deals, and new people to meet, there was a lot of positive energy in the atmosphere an friendly excitement.

Special guest for the event was professional voice actor Townsend Coleman. Although he’s had many roles, the highlights were when he voiced Michaelangelo on the original Ninja Turtles television series. And The Tick and also Sentinel Prime from the Transformers Animated television series. He was friendly and had smiles for all the fans who were grateful for a chance to meet him. The other special guest, former professional Wrestler Nikolai Volkoff didn’t draw as large a line but seemed to be having a good time.

Although this wasn’t specifically a Transformers con, a lot of love for Transformers was going around – there were almost as many Transformers for sale in the dealer’s room than many Transformers events I’ve been to (Botcon 2012), but also anything else you might be seeking. Figures from tie-in toylines to bad movies, robust pro Wrestling toys.

Moving around the room were a few people passing out flyers for JemCon, a convention dedicated to the most fabulous and outrageous 80s toyline. If My Little Pony was able to have a revival, then a revival of Jem is overdue. To those for whom Jem has no appeal, the 501st Canadian Garrison were also exhibiting at the Collector’s Con and searching for particular droids.

The closest thing the show had to a problem was that the night prior to the show, when many involved individuals were staying in the hotel, a fire alarm went off at roughly 3:00 am, keeping most occupants of the hotel awake for half an hour when they should have been asleep. False alarms are a chaos factor beyond the organizer’s and hotel’s control and are obviously preferably to any genuine emergency.

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The recent Burlington Toy Show was a warm-up for 2014, the Ontario Collector’s con was the starting gun. And it’s going to be a long, fun, and expensive marathon of events until 2015. The Ontario Collectors Convention’s next show is the 80s Toy Expo where I will meet Mr. Skeletor.

-Michael Ryan January 29 2014


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