On the Couch with Ty Templeton

QCX is delighted to present you with “On the Couch with Ty Templeton”! In this video, Ty Templeton sits down with Jim Zub, Richard Pace and Rob Walton to talk about “collaboration versus control” (working with other people or sitting in a basement by yourself …) at the Comic Book Lounge and Gallery in Toronto. I (Alice) was in attendance for this event and had coordinated and organized this recording, though I can’t take any credit for the fantastic conversation housed within. Now, the redhead bopping around in the front row – that’s all me!

Photo by Debra Jane Shelly

Ty has done similar “On the Couch” talks, but this is the first recorded one (and uploaded) to my knowledge and I believe he has plans to continue doing the show. We are happy to host this video on the channel, and you can expect to catch more local talks on our channel as well. Let us know what you think in the comments: do you like QCX presenting “On the Couch”s on YouTube?


photo from Tyrone McCarthy (instagram)

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