News: TdotComics at Fan Expo 2012

There have been many queries into TdotComics and Alice Quinn’s presence at Fan Expo 2012. Well, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that I, Alice Quinn, am unable to attend Fan Expo this year. The good news is that TdotComics will still have a very strong presence doing Media Coverage at the convention.

Why, may you ask, is Alice not attending? Well, I would really, really like to be there. Fan Expo has always been one of my favourite conventions and I haven’t missed a year since I began attending in ’05. Unfortunately, I have other responsibilities and priorities, and the only thing that could ever take precedence over my desires in life has forced my hand- my family. My family has been planning a trip to Israel for the past year for the occasion of my brother’s Bar Mitzvah. Normally I have no qualms with saying no to my parents & running off to the next nerdy event anyway, but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, probably one of the last vacations we will all take together as a family, and my parents are paying for the flight tickets. They were even kind enough to allow me to take my boyfriend Josh with us. As a result of all this, I will be on the other side of the globe while Fan Expo is happening.

We leave August 15th and get back to the city the first week of September, and during this vacation I will not be updating the site or staying in touch over twitter, and will rarely be answering emails personally. However, I have an excellent and dedicated team that will be taking over my regular posting & other assorted duties. Special thanks to Ryan Burgess who will be managing the posting schedule in my absence, Sam Maggs for taking care of our social media channels and everyone else on our dedicated TdotComics team who will be pitching in extra: Justin Mohareb, John Nyman, Michael Ryan, Chris D’Alssandro, Peter Kuebeck, James Cooper, & Zach Ellis. I am so lucky to have found these amazing contributors  to make TdotComics the awesome website that it is today.


So, back to Fan Expo: we do not have a table, but our team will be covering the convention & you will see them there! Sam will be attending lots of panels and getting all of our TV coverage. Chris will be my stand-in at this Fan Expo, conducting video interviews  and covering the comics section. Ryan Burgess will have a full report on the gaming aspect of the convention, and James and Zach have some entertaining shenanigans planned. Michael Ryan will look at the technicalities of the convention and compare the layout, guests, volunteers and staff’s performance to that of previous years.

If you have any requests or suggestions for something specific you think we should cover- a panel, a guest you would like to see us chat with- please comment below & we will do our best to bring you the best coverage on Fan Expo 2012.

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