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I didn’t think I was going to write a post today but Nus’s blog today inspirired me. There is a couple of things that I want to talk about but instead of a bunch of little blog posts I am just going to combine them. I am going to talk about Nerd Mafia, TCAF and what is on the horizon for TdotComics.

Nerd Mafia

It all started out a couple months ago with a twitter list by Lazyreveiwzzz titled TO Nerd Mafia. After we all got acquanted through Twitter someone suggested a TO Nerd Mafia pub night, the first one was a huge success! A gathering of like-minded, dedicated people all of us involved with our nerddoms online and off  ”Our members are writers, comedians, podcasters, personalities, musicians, artists, journalists, cosplayers – the list goes on.” (from the Nerd Mafia Manifesto) From there we wanted to do more, getting together once a month for drinks is great but with a gathering of this many awesome nerds why not use it for something greater? So we are using Nerd Mafia to promote each other’s websites, podcasts and events. As well we know that if we need a hand with something there is someone in Nerd Mafia who has just those skills and would love to help. Through it I have already started hopping on board other peoples projects just cause something as awesome a Nerdy Little Secret comedy show is something I would love to be involved with! Nerd Mafia gives us all the advantage and I am so ecstatic to be a part of it and be working closely with awesome people, who I might not have met if it wasn’t for Nerd Mafia.
So keep an eye on the Nerd Mafia through Facebook,  Twitter & of course the Nerd Mafia Website


So I was at TCAF and got to pick up a bunch of sweet comics that I want to promote, because they are ballin’! Firstly check out Ryan North‘s Dinosaur Comics if you haven’t already and the newest printed collection Dudes Already Know about Chickens. The neat thing about this collection is you don’t miss out on any of the fun of reading the comic online, the creator comment is at the bottom and random saying on top of each page.

A special shout out goes to Jim Zubkavich it is his birthday today, at TCAF I picked up the First volume of SkullKickers an epic action packed volume that is so pretty on my bookshelf. Seriously it has this half glossy cover in outlines of skulls, I would take a picture but my sister has already borrowed it, we are both action junkies :) .

Cute but Sad creator Howard Hardiman has a new project and came all the way from England to show it at TCAF: the Lengths Howard interviewed male sex workers and made this comic from those interviews visually representing the men as dogs. It is a really neat concept and I am looking forward to more issues.

In other TCAF Related News: the first TdotComics TCAF interview 2011 is up on Vimeo

TCAF 2011 – Trio Magnus from TdotComics on Vimeo.

Trio Magnus is a sweet illustration troupe who have released an art book Equally Superior! In addition to their life sized murals, more in the video!

TdotComics News

In other News, TdotComics will be holding the first annual Great Comic Shop Survey in July. This is still very much in the works, we have the questions outlined but we still need to create flyers for the event, and open communications with the comic shops in the city. The idea is that this is when you can give your feedback, fill out the survey for your favored shops and let them know why they are your number #1. Fill out Surveys for the other shops you’ve been to and let them know what they could improve on. At the end of the month the results will be released and awards will be awarded. I am really excited for this and will be working out all the details in the coming weeks.

Also I received this sweet fan art that I want to share, Thanks HC!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, I will catch ya on the flip side,
Alice Quinn

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  • Michael Nus

    It makes me smile when I inspire people. Makes the labour of blogging worth it. Thanks!

  • Michael Nus

    It makes me smile when I inspire people. Makes the labour of blogging worth it. Thanks!

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