Nelvana on Kickstarter

Hope Nicholson and Rachel Richey are doing something amazing that combines comics, Canada, history and a strong female character! Nelvana of the Northern Lights is a comic created by Adrian Dingle and published by Maple Leaf comics during World War two, a time in comics history also known as the Canadian Whites. These comics have never been republished or collected in trade paperbacks and are nearly impossible to find – Hope and Rachel have the rights to reprint these comics and are embarking on a great Canadian adventure – traveling to the national archives and homes of private collectors to find all the issues, scan them and reprint for a large audience.

Perks on the Kickstarter range from the a reprint of the colour issue to softcover books, all the way to original Nelvana art by Jeff Lemire, Michael Walsh & more! The kickstarter campaign runs until November 1st 2013 so don’t miss this chance to jump on to a piece of our history as Comic fans and Canadians! Also if you have a chance at a convention to see a panel about Canadian Whites with Hope & Rachel I strongly recommend it.


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