Lost Girl

So there is this new series on Showcase that has been heavily promoted in the subways – Lost Girl. My first thought was what a stupid name – will the second season be called ‘Found Girl’? The ads depicts a woman standing defiantly in an apocalyptic firey scene that just doesn’t seem to fit with the title.

Of course I had to check it out. The show centers around the protagonist Bo’s quest to find out more about herself, her history and where she comes from. Bo is fae – a succubus to be exact – who is always running and hiding while bodies pile up. Until a fae detective, Dyson, finds a body and eventually finds Bo. Oh I forgot about one of my favourite parts of the show. Kenzi, Bo’s best friend and manager – a thief who tries to teach Bo how to enjoy her abilities and possibly make a little money off them. The fae explain to Bo that every fae has an allegiance either to the dark or the light, this party provides the fae with a human occupation that is of use to the clan, and of course dental. This is where it gets interesting, the fae offer her security, knowledge and medical operations to help her control her killer urges but she turns them both down and chooses humans “freedom has it’s advantages too”. So Bo is caught in the middle, literally the girl who is lost to both sides and all eyes are on her.

Bo & Dyson

Check it out there is a catch up marathon on Showcase this Sunday at 7pm.

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  • Anonymous

    I really like it, but to give that context I really like supernatural & mystic stories in general when I was eight I read a whole series of books about unicorns.

    The first episode blew me away I instantly loved the characters & felt connected to them, the second episode let me down, I would say it is the worst one released yet. The next two are really good, we get to see Bo & Dyson’s relationship put through some tests & Kenzi gets even more hilarious. Kenzi always has a fresh perspective, whatever is going on in the Fae world she can joke about it & turn the mood from dismal to jovial. I think the show has interesting characters & storyline & I am eager to see it developed further.

    That interview was great, It provided some interesting insight into how the actors see their characters, & of course it is always great to know when the cast & crew put love into what they are making. Thanks for the link!

    When you watch more tell me what you think!

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