Eventful Blog: Ladies Night & QCX Fundraiser @ The Lounge

Last week I organized and ran two events at the Comic Book Lounge, so clearly the following is totally biased event coverage.

Ladies Night at The Lounge took place Monday, January 14th, 2013. What set this event apart from most women-oriented events was the strict no boys allowed policy; Joe and Kevin stepped out and let me run the shop for the duration of the event. Which was pretty cool but also nerve racking, though all things considered I think I did alright. We served blueberry red wine and white courtesy of Visions of Utopia, and to my surprise (and joy) Tyrone Biljan of Visions of Utopia  made labels out of the event poster for the wine bottles:

My goal with the event was to create an open and inviting atmosphere where  women of all backgrounds and types of fandom could come out to make some new friends and enjoy themselves. I know a lot of women within the community who had never made it out to an event at the Lounge and this was an excuse to take the plunge. In this regard I consider the event a success; I met a lot of new and wonderful people and everyone seemed to have a great time! We also got some great reviews from Leigh at Comic Book Daily and Stephanie Cooke on tumblr.

From Maaaaarrriion's tumblr

At the event I got a lot of questions about the next edition of Ladies Night. I thought it would be a one time thing, but with that kind of response, how could I not do another one?! I talked to Joe and Kevin about it and we’ve decided to do them seasonally. We haven’t announced the date for the spring edition of Ladies Night, but keep an eye on the Lounge’s Facebook and my twitter for news on that.

QCX Fundraiser

Those of you who follow my work know I’ve been working on the new incarnation of  Quinntessential Comix since season 1 wrapped up in May of 2012. We’ve had a couple of setbacks, but also some great new ideas and awesome people joining the (now) 10 person crew on the project. With lots of ups and downs, this has been a learning experience for me: it’s involved producing a web show on my own, seeking out advertisers and so, so much planning!

This month I can feel it coming together; we’ve scripted some episodes (which is all new – I’ve never scripted any of my videos), the set has been designed, we have a new opening theme song and everything is falling into place. The only real set back is – of course – the money! This is a shoestring production – not even that, it’s a piece of twine used as a shoestring. Anyway, I’d been campaigning and chasing down advertisers for months when it hit me at the 24 hour Comic Challenge: just throw a fundraiser! Within 2 hours I booked the lounge, recruited artists to volunteer and sketch and made a Facebook event for it – quickest event I’ll ever plan!

I wasn’t sure how many people would show up and what kind of capital we could raise, and in essence it was a low key event. The first couple of hours were slow, but  by 4 the shindig was in full swing! The artists were just amazing, busting out some seriously sweet sketches, and I got to introduce some of them to each other. Soon we were all laughing and having a wonderful time. The artists who sketched at the event include:  Adam Gorham, Brian Evinou, Christopher Yao, Savvannah MacIntosh, Megan Kearney, Adira Rotstein, Rodrigo Bravo, Leonard Kirk oh and a special shout out to Shane Heron for joining our sketch team. If you are interested, I still have some sketches left over…

This Joker sketch is still up for grabs....

This event was successful: we raised $387 which will go toward improving the sound quality and some extras we need for filming. I just feel so lucky that I have the support of my peers and the community; I could never have pulled this off without these spectacular people! Special thanks to the artists (above), Joe and Kevin from the Lounge, my wonderful man Josh, and all the people who came out to support the show!

I am looking forward to filming Quinntessential Comix the Introduction Series soon so I can share it with all of you!
Check out more photos from the events on the TdotComics Facebook

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