Jeff Ellis of Cloudscape Comics – Interview – TCAF 2012

Since the season finale of Quinntessential Comix I have been receiving a lot of requests for more interviews, (currently I’ve recorded about 10 for the new season,) so while  you wait for season two (premiering after Fan Expo in September) I have an interview to share with you from TCAF 2012 that happened just a couple weeks ago.

I met Jeff Ellis at Fan Expo Vancouver & when he told me he would be visiting for TCAF I set up an interview on the spot. Not the best interview I’ve ever conducted, but definitely interesting subject matter. I have always been a fan of collaborative work & the Cloudscape anthologies are a really good example of awesome creators coming together to create great books.


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  • Glantern55

    Great Interview Alice. loved the travel log from there as well!! Keep up the awesome work