Green Lantern in brief, part 3.

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These articles are written mostly to amuse and provide valid recap second. If there’s any questions or obvious mistakes, please (briefly) say so in the comments and I can adjust the articles. Also, huge spoilers here for anybody who hasn’t read the material in question.

Coast City blew up, resulting in Hal Jordan becoming possessed by Parallax and killing everybody until he was stopped, then died reigniting the sun.
Eventually the possession is exposed and Hal is allowed to return to life and joins the reborn Green Lantern Corps with John, Kyle, Guy, and Kilowogg. Arisia and some other dead Green Lanterns come back to life and Sodom Yat, Soranik Natu and Princess Iolande also supplement the good guys.

Sinestro, who revealed himself to have survived Hal killing him in the 90s, made his yellow Sinestro Corps with Evil Cyborg Superman and his manhunter robots, Superboy Prime, Parallax (now possessing Kyle), and the Anti-Monitor. They were defeated by a combination of Green Lanterns being authorized to use lethal force and Superboy Prime tossing the Anti-Monitor into space. Parallax and a suspiciously happy Sinestro are imprisoned.
Now you’re caught up with these articles.

The Downward Spiral to Blackest Night.

Rise of the Alpha-Lanterns.

Amon Sur, the guy who wanted Hal Jordan’s role in the Green Lantern Corps. but ended up joining up with Sinestro’s crew, figures he can make up for their recent defeat by killing members of each Green Lantern’s family. This plan works for a couple hours until he’s killed by the Green Lantern Laira.

The Guardians are all “Hmmm, we can’t have our officers running around all homicidal. So we can take a few of them and combine them with leftover pieces of those homicidal robots we tried using a billion years ago.” with the idea that they’ll be incorruptible Internal Affairs agents for the Green Lantern Corps. If you read Final Crisis you’ll note that one of the Alpha-Lanterns was corrupted by an evil god almost imediately. You can start to see why Sinestro hates the Guardians so much.

Ring Quest

Do you know who Mongul II is? Referred to as just Mongul since his dad, the actual giant yellow warlord (Mongul I) has been dead for long enough. To help become completely indistinguishabe from his father (the antagonist of The Man Who Has Everything by Alan Moore) , Mongul tries using the parasitic plants “Black Mercy” to trap people in their own fantasies, but a team of Green Lanterns (all the cool ones like Guy and Arisia) stumble on his plot and feed him to the planet.

Green Lantern: Secret Origin

Now let’s pause stuff to tell you about Hal Jordan’s childhood. His really really loved his dad, who died being a hot shot test pilot. Despite this, Hal joined the air force and became a test pilot too, which upset his dear mother greatly. Anyway soon Amon Sur’s ship crashed and Hal became the first Green Lantern, and for his first mission he teamed up with Sinestro, beloved member of the Green Lantern Corps, to fight Atroticus, an alien who is pissed off roughly two hundred percent of the time.

Sins of the Star Sapphire.

You know this whole synopsis is mostly about evil guys doing evil stuff and the Guardians doing dumb stuff. Not everything going on is terrible, I mean Kyle is dating Soranik Natu and that’s cool. As part of the “Every decision we make is terrible” phase, the Guardians forbid all love between Green Lanterns but Kyle and Natu decide to ignore their bosses and make out in secret.

Rage of the Red Lanterns.

Yes that is the same link as the Alpha-lantern one.

Atroticus starts up his Red Lantern Corps. which includes Laira (who was kicked out of team Green for the whole killing Amon thing). Around the same time, Ganthet (the Gaurdian who saw how clearly stupid the others were acting and cut out early) got Christian Rock superstar “Saint Walker” to try to recruit Hal into the ultra chilled out Blue Lantern Corps. However Hal was feeling a bit more Red after Sinestro killed Laira. After wearing Red Blue and Green all at the same time Hal eventually decides to cut down on his jewelry out and just stick with Green but he keeps the blue ring since.. he can’t get it off. Despite one issue being released as a Final Crisis tie-in, this whole arc actually has nothing to do with Final Crisis.

Emerald Eclipse.

Mongul uses his brute power to get the planet that ate him to barf himself up, and he takes over the Sinestro Corps in after a brutal city-wrecking fight with Arkillo. His first move as leader is to set up base on planet Daxam, but Sodom Yat pulls an All-Star Superman and fixes the sun so that it gives all Daxamites the powers of Superman. Mongul rethinks his recent realestate plans and relocates to Sinestro’s home planet Korugar. This location comes with it’s own complications when Sinestro breaks out of captivity. Giant yellow warlord just can’t catch a break.

There’s also a jailbreak on Oa which gives the Alpha Lanterns an excuse to remind people they exist.

Will you look at this sweet-ass image I put together in GIMP this shit almost looks professional just missing some lens flare.recap:

  • Green Lantern Corps. lead by the Guardians.
  • the yellow Sinestro Corps. Lead by Mongul.
  • the super-pissed off Red Lantern Corps. lead by Atroticus.
  • the hopeful and chilled out Blue Lantern Corps lead by Ganthet and Sayd.
  • the violet Star Saphhires who are highly affectionate for the concept of love.

I am not going to use colored text in this article.

Agent Orange

The Gaurdian’s infrequently important relatives, The Controllers, try to call dibs on Orange, so they head into the Vega system where they can harness the Orange light and end up releasing Larfleeze, a shut-in who for millions of years preferred to just stay to himself enjoying his piles of stuff because he’s one of the greediest beings in existence. So now he’s flying around the universe stealing anything. ANYTHING.

So now with five armies and one unstoppable greedy muppet in orange all flying around space, you can understand why I think writing these articles is a decent idea. And if secret prophecy is correct then all sides would inevitably clash against each other in a giantic space war that would consume civilization in the universe, but this article is long enough so you’ll have to wait until the next one in roughly a week or maybe three.