Report on: Frostcon

Growing out of the winter cosplay skating event, and after a quick Facebook poll to determine the name, Frostcon was developed by the Ontario Cosplay Society. Set apart from the crowded summer calendar on January 27th, 2013, Frostcon proved that  a bit of chilly weather doesn’t stop the GTA’s convention scene from coming together for another round of dress-up. Still, it’s crucial to note that this first-year open concept convention was not named after or specifically in honour of scene regular Louis Frost (who did put in a brief appearance as an attendee).


The people Frostcon was built around are always ready to put on outfits and dress up like they’re fictional. At the convention, colourful imported and home-made characters with expensive and delicate props crowded together for planned and impromptu photo shoots. Some outfits were tossed together at the last minute; others were clearly expensive and time-consuming masterpieces. After the Fantasy & Gaming Expo, it was the year’s second chance for people to meet Dr. Stevil and Cosplay For A Cure.

There are additional photos of the event on TdotComic’s Facebook gallery with tagging enabled.

Lining the main area of the convention were a reasonable number of dealers selling anime merchandise and hand-made crafts, cosplay pieces and body pillows. Because it was a first year convention and there was very limited space, it wasn’t a rampant session of spending like at other cons, but that’s acceptable since many attendees were still left frugal from recent holiday splurging.

Also showing that this was a first year event, the single panel room had some considerable acoustic issues. But, in credit to Frostcon, each of the panels catered to one of the major fandoms of the convention scene, including Dr. Who and Homestuck. Apparently when Toronto Batman finally appeared to confront Toronto Joker, Batman had a mixed reception. It will be interesting to see if the Toronto Character trend continues to escalate or if it has hit its apex.


Held exceptionally close to Union Station, it was a good event for Toronto locals to show up to. But for those with longer commutes there are better events to save time for. A lot of the faces that usually make conventions such a great social event for me were instead at G-Anime in Quebec, but with more than 800 people filling Frostcon’s small venue, there were still new friends to meet. The winter season always has fewer conventions than the overcrowded summer, so Frostcon was a good chance to keep everyone’s costume skills from atrophying.

For more GTA events like this, check the the TdotComics calendar which is in the process of being filled with tons of cool events in 2013.

-Michael Ryan, Febuary 3rd 2013.

Hey, it’s Louis Frost!

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