Hello people who read my blog,

I will be updating with a video post soon but for now here is what is shaking:

1) I have become a contributor writer on DigiatallyBlonde.com.

Which is cool, I have three posts up so far in the process of another. I like to post original stuff here and there I can post anything that I find on the web it doesn’t take much thought especially with all the links I get off of Twitter.

2) I got fired from that Social Media internship.

Which is fine they never did pay me, yet. But now I am in a difficult position I have school for three hours a week and Sunrise won’t give me more than two shifts a week and I am going stir crazy not to mention I could be using my time to … I dunno make money! I really like working there but if they won’t give me hours I am going to have to get another job, not to mention the two shifts they gave me last week made me miss two social events that I could have had fun at, promote Tdot and learn how to better the business

3) I got Wasted

Over the weekend I had a great time with Betts, Kozer, Baruch and of course Ella. We watched Kill Bill Vol. 1 and got intoxicated. I am super excited to hang out with the same crowd this weekend where we will be celebrating my favorite holiday of the year PURIM!

4) I am going to be at a convention this weekend

It is a small little Hobbystar one and I am not going to cosplay or anything but I am looking forward to going and maybe meeting up with some of you guys and some tweeps like @thementalkavity. If you see me tap on my shoulder and I promise not to disappoint!

That’s about it. I wanna outfit my netbook with Moblin at some point and I wanna write an article about Winsor McCay at some point. I love his work and I feel not enough people know of his genius.
I am listening to Izabo – Slow Disco. You should see the sweet music video, here it i:

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  • Anonymous

    yea she never payed me, I finally got a cheque but I need to wait for the ok to cash it :S
    so i am no longer working there

  • Anonymous

    I thought you “couldn’t care less” ??
    I didn’t even know the oscars were on till you mentioned it,

    the rock I live under is cozy