Enroll at the Manga Dojo!

Are you a manga fan? Ever wanted to try your hand at drawing your own? Then sign up for summer classes at the Manga Dojo!

Starting July 7th, there will be seven sessions for beginners (particularly for teens and young adults) taught by comic artist Eric Kim. The second year of the Dojo, you’ll learn how to create and develop your own manga works, including the fundamentals of storytelling, drawing, and even some advanced techniques like screentoning.

Classes take place at the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre, located at 750 Spadina Avenue, on weekends between noon and 7pm.

If you want more information, please visit the Manga Dojo website, or contact Eric Kim at info@mangadojo.ca!

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  • Anonymous

    Sweet Article Sam!!! that’s great for those (ME) lol who do want to get more experience drawing comics especially Manga, Just have to find the time to fit it in! Work always gets in the way of good stuff!!

  • Sam Maggs

    Aww thanks!!!!!!!!!!! <3 Glad I could help!