Coverage: Industry Night at the Comic Book Lounge

Photo taken by Joe Kilmartin at the Comic Book Lounge and Gallery

This past weekend included the first Comic Industry Night we’ve had here in Toronto in a very long time. This one was put together by the folks at the Comic Book Lounge and coincided with a new gallery show of Marco Rudy’s Art. About a month prior, Kevin Boyd & Joe Kilmartin from The Lounge contacted me and a bunch of other people to co-host. I loved the idea -  get the people involved in the comic scene in Toronto to rock the comic industry night – so of course I jumped at the opportunity to represent TdotComics / Quinntessential Comics, and was joined by Guerilla Printing, Comic Book Boot Camp, the Comic Book Embassy, the Joe Shuster Awards, Uys-Faber Publishing, Lost Heroes: the Movie and more!
I didn’t have too much going on during the day so I stopped by at the Lounge to help set up. Spent an hour chatting over coffee with Joe & Christopher Yao. When Kevin got in I assisted with Rachel Wells in switching up the artwork in frames from the Mike Del Mundo prints to the Marco Rudy original pages: Swamp Thing, The Shield and some other originals. Once everything was more or less ready I journeyed home to take care of some chores before the big night.

above photos by Hope L Nicholson

Overall, I think this was a particularity good party. The Comic Lounge switched up the layout of the shop, which lent itself to better flow for mingling. We had a great turnout but it never felt too crowded; a bunch of comic regulars came out as well as a bunch of people who hadn’t been to the Lounge or Industry Nights previously. Hanging out with old friends and making new ones, it was a great time all around!  I spent a lot of time talking about the new QCX series, which I should be making a video about soon – basically I am working on a way more ambitious project then ever before, and I have all the people in place and the plans set and am just looking for advertisers to supplement the cost of production.

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Back to the party: I’m going to do a little name dropping to make my friends smile. It’s always a pleasure hanging out with  Hope L. Nicholson,  Jessika Koeslag,  Debra Jane Shelly, Christina McNish, Chris and Jeff  of Dress for Success, my tweeps over at 22 Pages, and David Bishop of Stranger and Deep Sea. Shout outs to James Cooper, Aaron Feldman, Jon Haliday, who’ve collaborated on TdotComics and QCX stuff with me. It was nice to meet Matthew Brown,  Brandon Dale and everyone who I’ve left out – this shout out is for you!

Originally posted through Instagram then tumblr

I had an excellent time at Industry Night, not just because of the great event organizers, the chill atmosphere and the brilliantly intricate art of Marco Rudy, but because of all the awesome people and interesting conversations we shared! Thanks for being a part of this epic party; I can’t wait for more. And for anyone reading this who didn’t attend – you are officially invited to the next one!

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