Confessions of a Wannabe Gamer: The Horror and Shame of… Too Many Games

In preparation for my marriage a month ago, I moved all of my comics, video games, CDs, DVDs, books, art books and, yes, gaming items into the condo that my wife and I bought .

It took me the better part of three months to move it all in, day by day, usually hefting canvas satchels weighting better than 100 pounds over to the condo in the morning before I went to work.

Some of it – my graphic novels and art books – were already sorted and shelved very quickly.

And then there was the Gaming Closet.

Before I even go any further, I have to compliment my wife, who has the patience of Job and the wisdom of Solomon when it comes to my geekery. Not a gamer or comic book reader herself, she nevertheless participates, gamely letting me teach her to play Magic: The Gathering and even playing two characters (a fighter and a rogue) in the D&D 4th Edition game I run. She’s also allowed me to fill up one full closet in our modest abode with my comic book boxes and gaming supplies. It’s more space than I had at my old house.

As I was organizing the items, I was struck by the sheer vastness of the gaming/geek largesse in my possession. Let me recount it:
• 10 boxes filled with comics.
• Five boxes and seven plastic bins of HeroScape minis, terrain, army cards and ancillary supplies.
• A collection of more than 10,000 Magic: The Gathering and Star Trek: CCG cards, weighing in at more than 60 pounds.
• The Zombies!!! master set and five additional expansions.
• A bag and box of DreamBlade minis.
• A set of Harry Potter Wizards’ Chess. And a wooden chessboard to play it on.
• The original Munchkin game.
• Board games including Risk: Legacy, Samurai Swords, and Rune Wars.
Gamma World master set and two expansions.
• Two tubs filled with Star Wars Miniatures Battles minis.
• Three boxes filled with D&D supplies for DMing.
• Three tubs filled with D&D minis.

Essentially, the closet is an episode of Hoarders: Gaming Edition waiting to happen.

And there’s more… (Unmentioned above: an entire shelf of D&D 3.5/4e books and modules that fit with my other books. These number about 35).
On the one hand, it’s kind of embarrassing to discover I have quite this much material for gaming. I’m 30-something, gainfully employed, a homeowner, and about to be married – a part of me asks, Shouldn’t I have worked this out of my system by now?

Then there’s the realization that I haven’t even played all of the games I own. I’ve still yet to play my set of Munchkin with anyone, or set to a game of Rune Wars. I hope to soon get my 4e D&D group to play some Gamma World. But it’s kind of like I’m a gaming Miss Havisham, with my gaming hopes and dreams all locked up and cobwebbed and never coming to fruition. (Yes, that’s a Dickens reference there, friends).

Then something else sets in. As I look over the landscape of my gaming materials, I get an entirely different feeling altogether. I feel like a kid again, all excited with the anticipation of a great game. I love looking at all the minis I own, the terrain, the boxes of supplies, and I think about the fun gaming experiences I’ve had, and those I’m likely to have again.

Our hobbies are our own. Some love sports. Some do historical reenactments. Some are movie buffs. Me? I’m a comic art geek and a gamer.

Game on!
… as long as I don’t cause an avalanche in my gaming closet…

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