Report On: Con-G 2014

Last year during Con-G’s closing ceremonies it was announced that 2014 would be the last Con-G. Too many organizers have moved on with their lives and away from Guelph so the logistics just said a terminus was inevitable. So February 21st to 23rd, the final Con-G commenced and pulled out all the stops.

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Around the clock there was constant entertainment options. Of course there were all the fundamentals of a good convention: Panels on popular series, a vendor room, an artist’s area. Lot of familiar faces in every corner, a lot of photos, and a few first-timers. A room for “Traditional gaming” inside the hotel, and electronic gamers could be entertained in the Asylum After Dark Gaming Truck if they were willing to brave a cold jaunt through the parking lot.

The two big guests were Dante Brasco and Scott McNeil. Franco’s role as Rufio in the 1993 film “Hook” pleased the nostalgic and his work on Avatar as Zuko pleased the younger fans. While Scott McNeil has been doing conventions longer than most people have been attending them and he’s now Certified Crazy, but in a fun way, he never sees a camera without making a face for it. A few other local guests were also there to meet their fans like The 404s who do not smell terribly.


For many more pictures, check TdotComic’s facebook album.

 As a reasonable tribute to Dante Brasco’s Rufio character, the convention had multiple Rufio cosplayers. And every other variety of cosplayer wandering the halls, with a reasonable blend of old and newer characters. Thankfully this year the Daleks did not return to obstruct the hallways. Thanks to “Frozen”, the Disney Princesses are en vogue.

Saturday night, people continued to inhabit the hotel for various room parties, or the sexy dance party hosted by Janos which had a crowd dancing freely to songs of nerdiness, played in a particular sequence to reduce any hibitions. But the dance didn’t have a Stranger Danger element like some of the larger conventions have. Current rumours at that DJ Janos might start to perform at Anime North.


This year the G.I. Joe convention announced their convention was unceremoniously over for reasons beyond the control of organizers. Con-G 2014 knew it was the last hurrah and the chance to say goodbye. I’ll miss Con-G, it was the perfect convention to demonstrate an emphasis intimacy instead of crowd-control and worth the obnoxious voyage to Guelph.

-Michael S Ryan, March 6th 2014

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