Clone Wars at Teletoon

Sup peeps!

Last week I had the pleasure of attending another Teletoon event and another Clone Wars event all in one! Joined by some of my favorite people, Heather Labonte, Sean Ward, Maichael Nus, J.M Frey, Jeff Brown (of DorkShelf), as well as some members of the 5o1st in costume! Heather (the other heather) posted some sweet photos on her blog of us playing around with the clones and their toys :p It was an amazing and wonderful event that I am always happy to be apart of.

We saw episodes 12, 13, & 14 which featuring a new Star Wars character – Savage Oppress. This guy is pretty neat – he looks like Darth Maul but yellow and Ventress wants to make him her pawn to use against her old master who betrayed her.

These episodes are really good mainly because they focus on what is going on in the Dark Side and the Jedi just haven’t got a clue.

It was a pretty sweet night, I got to meet some new peeps and we exchanged Twitter info – @Erika_nERD@WesleyWilson. I got to meet Michael Nus and remember it the next day – buddy I won’t forget your face any time soon, sorry it took me so long to remember!

Highlights of the evening include:
-Shooting a v-log with Sean Ward
-Taking a look at the working copy of Jessica‘s book
-Getting to see Dani from EscapeFromRL

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