Chris Hardwick on Quinntessential Comix #14

This week on Quinntessential Comix we have a very special guest TV personality, podcast host, author, and nerd supreme: Chris Hardwick ! In the episode I briefly shout out the hard work I put into getting this interview, but for all those reading this blog post with the video I will give you the inside scoop.
Ian Atlas, Rob Mailloux, and Epic Nerd Show brought Chris Hardwick in town for February 10 & 11 to preform four stand up shows at the Comedy Bar. For about a month leading up to the event while I was promoting the show on QCX and on the Events Calendar I was also email hustling Ian, not so subtlety dropping hints that I really wanted to be involved: “I don’t mind being an assistant who takes notes, or fetches coffee & donuts for the crew. I just want to help :D ”. Ian and I have collaborated a couple times over the years and he knows I am legit but when they had to cancel the 5th show (it was planned to go down on the Thursday but Hardwick went on the Jimmy Fallon show) I figured all bets were off. I kept on it just in case, other big names in comics and celebrity have come to town and I missed the opportunity to get an interview and I wasn’t going to repeat my mistakes and let lethargy rule. Ian found me a window, he said that Friday afternoon he was picking Chris up at the airport and taking him directly to Space for interviews, that’s where I could join in and get the interview after Space.

The Space studios were really cool I was blown away by how small the space, and team are, and yet they produce this amazing TV channel and really awesome original programming like Inner Space. I got a chance to chat more with Mark Aswith a super cool dude who is an inspiration to me with his work on Prisoners of Gravity – it’s like the QCX of the 90′s. I didn’t see much of Ajay, but Teddy is a person I am glad to call a friend, and we hung out a bit there and at he the Comedy Bar later. It was a really awesome experience and I am really grateful for the opportunity to see where all the Space magic happens.

my signed character tome & visitor's badge from Space

After the interview Ian, Chris, and I were grabbing coffee and Ian brought up doing a quick video interview. Chris was really nice about it, he explained that he just got off the plane and was eager to settle in at the hotel and prepare for the shows tonight, he also asked if I would be at the show and if we could film then. I said it was totally cool and went home to further prepare and run tough my questions a couple more times.

I arrived at the show early and promptly asked “what can I do to help?” Ian had me folding brochures, passing around an emailing list and other miscellaneous tasks. I figured maybe we could do the interview before the first show, but that didn’t happen people were lined up for the show and everything moved really quickly. I did get to see the first show, the opening acts were great Nerds With Guitars rocked it and comedians Rob Mailloux and Andrew Ivimey were hilarious.

After the show I manned the merch table selling The Nerdist Way and Rob Mailloux’s DVD as the line to get Chris’s autograph weaved around the bar. Chris would turn to me and get me to take pictures of him with the fans. He was really good with fans, letting them tell him stories while they mutually geeked out over Doctor Who, talking time with each of them to learn their names, sign books and take pictures.

Chris signed the TPL's copy of Nerdist Way I brought

The line was pretty long so we didn’t have time for the interview before the next show. I was having a really good time and didn’t mind waiting. Many friends of mine were seeing the show so I was happy to chat and meet new people between shows. After the second show and signing we finally had ten minutes to ourselves, it was a it was a quarter to 2am but I didn’t care, I had my interview, and a month of research, hustling Ian and the day had paid off. Kids, nothing amazing in life comes without hard work, dedication and patience. Here it is I give you Chris Hardwick the Nerdist interviewed by Alice Quinn on Quinntessential Comix!!!!!

Note: Usually the bit at the end has sound but it disappeared when we uploaded it to YouTube whoops! I basically tell you here you can support QCX on the web & the links are still there so volia!
The second day of shows was much like the first, other then different opening acts like SJ the Word Burglar. I also got Chris to sign the TPL’s copy of the Nerdist Way, also pictured is my visitor’s badge for the afternoon at Space. I also gt this terrible photo of us together. I won’t blame Andrew Ivimely his camera is great I should I have gotten more then one picture.

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