Chester Brown – Paying For It reading

Paying For It by Chester Brown has recently been published by Drawn & Quarterly. Last night, May 1 there was a reading and signing at Goodhandys. The venue was pretty full and the crowd seemed pleased with the presentation, though there was some concern that Chester was going to read the whole book.

What is Paying For It? It is a memoir about being a John – a client of a prostitute.
Chester Brown came to a point in his life where he wanted sex but didn’t want a girlfriend and came to prostitutes to fulfill his need. The book is well put together and really demonstrates how he came to this decision and a lot of what was going on in his mind at the time.

The reading was great. Chester spoke well, the audience laughed at the appropriate times and the projector presented the panels properly. Afterwords they had a Q&A lead by Sasha who was formerly a sex worker so they had some interesting back and forth about sex worker rights and about the refreshing perspective that Chester brings to the subject being a client. Chester stayed and signed everyone`s books, he was still signing when I left at 11:30. He didn’t cheap out on the signing either he did a doodle of himself in every book and asked everyone, clothed or naked. I picked clothed, there are enough naked cartoon Chester’s in the book.

The venue was fun and the beguiling provided books to purchase. I had a good time catching up with some old friends and I made new ones too. I had a great time and ended up hanging out mostly with Dave Lapp and Conan Tobias  who are pretty awesome people and I sincerely hope to see them at TCAF.

After TCAF (May 7-8) Chester Brown will be going on a North American tour promoting Paying For It, so find him at a city near you through the Drawn & Quarterly website.

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